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Looking for information and comment regarding the failure of my Atomic Centrix bindings.

I recently had my local shop mount my Centrix 4-12 bindings on new Metrons. The bindings were previously used on 11.20's and were about three years old. After the mounting, I stepped into them (at the hill) and noticed something peculiar about the heel. A quick check by the local tech confirmed a failure of the heel piece.

1. I have heard rumors of this kind of failure being prevalent on this binding model, true?
2. How on earth did the local shop let these out and not notice the failure?Makes me somewhat unnerved regarding their work. It is otherwise known as a decent shop. Of course they are scratching their heads on this as well.

Nonetheless, it appears that Atomic will stand up to this as a warranty item and I will be good to go with new bindings soon. Second warranty claim in a year on Atomic equipment, first skis now bindings. BUT, they do stand behind their product!