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Something to heal for ...

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Ok everyone,

I am going to book a trip westward. I figure I need something to "heal" for. I am going to book it at least 12 weeks out. Doc said shoulder should be "skiable" in 8 weeks. But I don't want to push it. Given the $ I will save having cancelled a bunch of Eastern Weekends, I'll have dough to go anywhere for 5 or so days.

I am looking for a scenic destination, NOT super hard terraine, romantic setting, not super crowded.

Some options:

Canyons: Bronze pass may cover it
Steamboat: See Canyons

Would love your feedback!! And if you know any good "package" travel operators, all the better.
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12 weeks out puts you into March. That might be a bit late for Steamboat as it's a lower elevation hill.

Your other choices are pretty good although I don't consider Heavenly to be very romantic. However, given the large number of wedding chapels in S. Lake Tahoe maybe I'm missing something...

I hate to say it but you might consider Breck and the rest of Summit Co. The hills are higher so conditions might be favorable (it's hard to say so early in the season). Breck's a cute little Victorian town.

Telluride's a nice little town and should be worth a look. Probably one of the most scenic ski areas around. Also, March is typically the highest snowfall month for the places further south (T-ride, Crested Butte, Taos, etc). Plus, it's an El Nino year so those places might be blessed this season.

Just some food for thought.

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Thanks Dan! What about Aspen? How are their conditions that late in the season?
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Canyons has what I hear is a very nice Viking Yurt and of course Park City has lots of lovely dining spots and so on. Snow is almost always decent in March, often excellent. I guess it depends on what your defintion of Romantic is.
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I've been to park city. It was really nice. Lots of great deals, too.

Actually getting a great deal is a big part of this decision ... which brings me to the question:

Do you guys suggest booking a trip through a third party, or just buying airline tix, renting car, reserving hotel, and purchasing lift tix separately? Where to begin!
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#1 Mammoth !

#2 Whistler/Blackcomb

#3 Mt. Bachelor!
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Hi RotoFury,

Hope that all comes together for ya!!!

If you land on Whistler, I've had good luck in the past using SkiCan (www.skican.com). They offer pretty complete packages from US departure points including: flights, ground transportation, lodging, & lift tiks.
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Whistler is a great village. I would try it out. even if the skiing stinks there is a lot of extra stuff to do.

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Lake Louise.
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Aspen should be nice. Interesting town. Great views.

I used a package deal once and will never do it again. I've always found I've been able to get better, more flexible deals on my own. Lately I've been using www.kayak.com for travel searches.

Oh, for good info on conditions see: http://www.bestsnow.net
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I was at The Canyons a couple of years ago and it's a great place. You could stay in Park City cheaper, or if you can afford it stay at the Grand Summit at the Canyons and walk to the lift. It's also a romantic (you asked) place and you may get some discounts there. They have a free shuttle in and out of Park City for night time activities. The Canyons does have beautiful scenery from the mountain btw.

Excellent terrain of all types, kind of Sunday Riverish, a few side by side mountains all connected.

I will always recommend Vail as I totally love the mountain for skiing and the "town" is nice too. Setup like a swiss village, no cars, xmas tree lights on the trees, etc.

The only thing to bear in mind is that mid march can be spring skiing, or maybe not. Sooner you can go the less possibility of wet conditions, which can be tricky and in which falling can be more likely if you're not used to them.

Maybe Whistler's would be less Spring-like? I've never been, but take the possibility of an early Spring condition heat wave effecting your trip into consideration.
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My wife found Lake Tahoe quite romantic!

And we thoroughly enjoyed Heavenly (we might go back there this year in addition to our trip to Breck). If you can stay at the bottom of the gondola (Marriot, Embassy Suites properties), you'll be within steps of the gondola for an easy ride to the top. On the ride up the view is incredible with the lake, the peaks, the rock outcroppings, the evergreens, just wonderful. Up top is great cruising terrain that unfolds into more georgous views.

I don't care for the casino scene; and it was easy to avoid. Lots of nice little places to eat evenings, too.

We always plan our own trips. We might take advantage of motel multi-night stays with lif tickets included, etc., but we generally arrange everything else ourselves. And with just a little shopping you can get the trip you want and save some cash.

Another destination I would strongly consider for a late-season visit would be Whistler. It looks great. I have never been there but a friend has and he raves about it. I like the idea of the strong liklihood of good snow quality and coverage during March...and the little town sounds very convenient and nicely upscale.

Best to you, RF!

- Jim
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When we go to Heavenly we stay at the Blue Jay Motel because it has a kitchenette, is very reasonable pricewise, the bus to the ski lift stops right in front of the motel and drops you off at the ticket window, and a very short walk across a parking lot puts you into Harveys casino where the meals are great and very cheap, like $6.95 for a prime rib.

We are not gamblers, only donate ten bucks to the slot machine gods, so there is no great temptation, but we do go to a Vegas type show every night.


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I have had good luck using Moguls when I booked my trips to Whistler/Blackcomb - which is my #1 choice. You do spend two days travelling - but it's worth it!!! Stay in a condo at Blackcomb (to save money) and use the mountain shuttle from the airport instead of renting a car. Once in the village you don't need a car.

Good luck and have fun,
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I skied with AE last week at Heavenly. He was staying at the Super 8 for about $40 per night, and had no compliants. From South Lake Tahoe you can access Heavenly, Kirkwood and Sierra easily, or get to Alpine Meadows, Squaw, and Northstar in less than an hour. All areas have spectacular views and great terrain for challenge or healing. Hope to see you here!
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March should be good in most of Colorado. By April, I'd suggest Summit County--Arapahoe Basin and Loveland, in particular, which are high enough to have great conditions even into May. (Loveland is not technically in Summit County, but it's easily accessible from Silverthorne/Dillon, just over Loveland Pass from Arapahoe.) Arapahoe Basin will probably stay open through June, at least, and it has actually made it into August in the past.

After March, it's "low season" in Summit County, and you should be able to get great deals on lodging in Silverthorne and Dillon. You might even do well in Keystone, which is very close to Arapahoe Basin, but it will be pretty dead in the resort, especially after it closes (mid-April).

Meanwhile, take care of yourself, RotoFury, and heal quickly!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Sunshine Village.

Stay on the hill for the best views ever and awsome skiing.

When you want to get off the mountain, you drive into Banff and hit the springs.

Very nice, perfect family or couples trip.

Very affordable to stay on the mountain and good late season snow.
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As a lifelong Tahoe skier, I can second what many have already said about cheap food and reasonable deals on lodging being available in the Stateline/South Lake Tahoe area (i.e. around Heavenly). In addition to that, the views of the lake and of the Carson City region from the top of Heavenly ARE truly, truly wonderful.

But I would be remiss not to note that Stateline itself--the town--is one of the ugliest, most depressing environments I regularly find myself passing through. It's incredible: given one of the most exquisite alpine lakes anywhere, the South shore area hardly ever connects to the actual lakefront, and is instead mostly defined by heavily-trafficked hwy 50., which is built up with tacky motels, tatty strip malls, and a fairly nasty linear sprawl.

It's easy to get to the slopes, but getting elsewhere in "town" is anything but a pleasurable stroll for the foot-based vacationer. Kitzbuhel it aint.

The new development at the base of Heavenly's spiffy new gondola may assuage these concerns a leetle bit, but please don't expect a sylvan village underneath these world-class views. It's more Newark than Nirvana, FYI.

Best of luck on your recovery, and happy travels,
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Hey Roto, glad to hear you are now in the "healing and thinking about skiing" mode. Go for Heavenly. Several of us on the forum will be out there mid march and would be glad to provide some company (if desired).

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Originally Posted by SKEEMEISTER
Whistler is a great village. I would try it out. even if the skiing stinks there is a lot of extra stuff to do.
Skied Whistler at the end of May this year. Lower half of mountain was bare, but tons of snow on the top. Still nearly 3,000ft of vert to ski even that late in the season. Ski in the morning/aft.- tennis and biking when you finish. Self-contained village with everything in walking distance.

Other suggs are all great too. Haven't been to Tahoe after March 1, but unless it's an unually bad year you shouldn't have a problem. Lots of different "ambiances" around Tahoe depending on where you stay/ski.

Might even want to consider a package at the Cliff Lodge/ Spa at Snowbird. They used to have late season deals, but haven't been in quite a while. Think about it- you and your wife pampered at the spa in between ski days?? She'll marry you all over again! "Apres ski" is somewhat limited unless you head into SLC...even then... there are a few "clubs" on mountain.

Get well soon and have fun deciding where to go!
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Thanks Everyone,

Saw my doctor at Mass General yesterday. He said he won't know if I can ski again this season for another couple of weeks. Seems there's some muscular damage that went undiagnosed in Vt.

If I can go, I am going all out -- in terms of accomodations, not speed -- wherever I land in March!
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Roto are you going to the Ortho Trauma Dept in the Wang building?

If so what doctor are you seeing?

Did you get an MRI?
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saw pcp yesterday, he's reviewing new films with orthopedist today. then i'll get an orthopedist assigned to see in two weeks, and he'll tell me when i can exercise/ski again. no mri, but the possibility for that test exists. podolsky is my doc.
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Been to Aspen twice in early March in recent years. Great snow, virtually empty. Romance is for newlyweds.
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Hey Damato,

When your wife assumes all of your chores, takes care of your dog -- who needs more meds than the average 90 year old person -- and drys and dresses you each morning ... well, you certainly owe some romance!

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Tip One:

Never trust a doctor that wears Birkenstocks!

These Vermont numbskulls didn't seem to notice in the X-Ray that the broken segments of the bone are not lined-up, but rather one is resting on top of the other. Fortunately, tomorrow I will be meeting with the Chair of Harvard Medical's Hand and Upper Body Extremety Orthopedic Unit. I am confident he will know more than that pocket picker at Mt. Snow.

Tip Two: Never trust a doctor who requires cash payment.

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sounds like our friend the sandal wearing doctor is in need of new shoes. Of the, er, cement variety, of course.
Hang tough RF!
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Just went to see the chair of harvard medical's upper extremity ortho school. He said I need surgery (next week). The bone is displaced (one half resting on top of the other half), angulated (one half is perpendicular to the other half) and comminuted (broken into a bunch of small fragments).

NONE of which those f-cks in Vermont noticed. So I will have surgery next week, get a steel plate. Season is over. Sorry to blather on about this. But the moral of the story is to get a second opinion, especially when the first opinion comes from a money-grubbing, berry-eating, vegan-dressing, sandal-wearing f-ck.

Mt. Snow Doctor: "You are in an unusual amount of pain for the particular injury. Perhaps you have a low tolerance for pain?" I pointed out my sleeve tattoos as evidence of the contrary, as he didn't seem to take my word for the fact that there was something different about this break than my past break.

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I shattered my AC and never had anything done. Took over five years to heal, (three to write my name) fifteen to come back. Ask those guys if they do prolo therapy to promote healing. Has helped me tremendously with the residual effects of knee, back, and shoulder injuries.
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prolo therapy?
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