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Dimple in base

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I could use a little advise here. I skied my new Elan SLX mounted with Marker Titanium 12.0 bindings 5 hours last week. They were great but now I was going to wax them I noticed a small dimple in the base right under the front toe mounting screw. How will this effect the ski in the future? What should I say to my retailer? : :
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Doesn't sound like something that should happen. I suspect you'll get better responses from other people, but it sounds to me like a mounting problem/mistake. Given that it happened after only 5 hours of skiing, it is almost certainly the retailer's fault. You may want to wait until you hear more from other people about the possible cause of the problem before calling your retailer to complain so you can make an educated complaint.
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I had this happen once. I removed the screw, ground a bit off the tip, put it back in, put the ski upside down in a vise, and pounded out the dimple with a hammer. But I suggest you let the retailer fix this problem: screw too long.
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might be that the screw mounting the binding to the ski is too "tight". This is a fairly common problem with snowboards, so not a huge shock to hear about it with skis. Best bet is bring em back to whomever mounted them and see if they'll fix em, chances are they screwed up.
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