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Nothing but bitter cold...

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... and maybe 1'' or 2'' of snow. This is the "biggest storm" this season : We jinxed this one, I'm pretty sure.
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Get this: 50s on thursday with some rain. Sounds familiar? 2003-2004 all over again. I am skipping work on Wed to beat the rain.
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I saw the rain forecasted over here in W. Pa. for later in the week. A couple of days ago the forecast was too good to be true with cold and snow through Christmas. After the showers , the next day's low is 14F. I guess I should appreciate the cold right after the showers, but I don't think one day of snowmaking can change the boiler plate too appreciably that will take place. What can you do!
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I hate warm fronts - and the worst is that this one comes after this little teaser we get to see the snow before the two days of rain comes right before christmas and washes it all away! rainy and cold christmas morning bahhh humbug! :

Ohhhhhh the gods are cruel!

ULLR have mercy on us! Jack frost!, frosty where are you!
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Originally Posted by godwinaustin
rainy and cold christmas morning bahhh humbug! :
AMEN!! :

Friggen weather!
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You know that's the beauty of season passes, you are free of Accuweather and the Weather Channel. You shouldn't care what the weather is like, you go, you ski. If you don't like it you leave, but more times than not you will find that the skiing is actually better than you imagined.
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