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Taking issue with instructor who complained about level three students wanting to learn bumps. I think it is a request grounded in reality.

I am guessing that except for those of us who started learning to ski after age 40, some instructors don’t remember when a green circle looked like a black diamond. Even the most benign, bunnied-up, green flat is going to have terrain features that look like bumps to a level three at the end of the day or on a day when it is snowing. I think this is what they are asking about, not Outer Limits.

Beginners need strategies within the range of their current skill set to not be scared wittless or to think they can only ski on bluebird days in the morning. I am guessing that it is never to early to introduce extension contraction to absorb terrain, traversing, finding “good spots” to turn, using rotary to pivot, reverting to wedge turn to feel more secure, waiting at the side until there are few skiers on the tricky portion of trail, etc.

Opinions? Observations? Ideas?