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Question about boots

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I hope someone can help me with this. I just bought new ski boots. They are made by Dalbello, I can't remember the model. I took them out for the first time on saturday. I found my left foot kept going numb. I would take the boot off and massage my foot and then it would happen again shortly after.

I don't have the best technique yet and I am still kind of snowploughing. Would that have something to do with my technique and putting pressure on the left leg or is it something to do with the boot?

Last season I was using solomon boots and they didn't do that. I also bought them used.

Any help would be appreciated.

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find a good bootfitter in your area and explain what's going on. you may have to pay for some boot work or an insole, but a bootfitter with experience and recommendation from friends who ski will surely solve your problem.
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You bought them used, so the liner was packed out for someon elses foot. Take the liners out and heat them up with either a hair dryer or put them in the *oven for 10 min or so at 200 deg. Thios will get the liner closer to its natural state. Second, what are you using for a sock? Is it a ski specific sock? Third, you said you were snow plowing more, that will put lateral pressure in the boot and that might be creating a pressure point in your boot stopping circulation.

It could be any one of these or a combination of all three.

*no warrenty expressed or implied with this technique
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Would you find a bootfitter at a ski shop??

I actually said that the salomon boots I was using last season were used and they didn't cut off circulation like that.

The ones I am inquiring about are new.

Also, I am just using wool socks.

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You can find a boot fitter at a ski shop, but depending on the shop they may not know what they are doing. Check out the link below to find a boot fitter recommended by epicski members near you:


Your problem could be from a combination of your skiing technique, your boot fit, and your socks (if you're using big thick wool socks). Or maybe you're just tightening them too much? Before spending a bundle on custom boot fitting I would try some thinner socks and/or buckling your boot a little looser (or just unbuckle them on the chair ride up).
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often times the thiner the sock the better, also, just in case you were, don't tuck anything into the boot. Furthermore, how tight was the buckle that goes over your instep, if it was tight, try loosening it up a little (like one rachet spot or extend any micro adjustment you might have). Also, lift the buckle when not skiing, and only latch it down when you are skiing (I'm sure you've seen racers buckle and unbuckle their boots in line as well as other people too). Ther are a couple spots on your foot that can cut off circulation/put pressure on nerves and they don't take much pressure to affect your feet.
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