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Anyone out there have this one figured out?

Anyone have any advice other than contacts or lasik?

Does the turbo cam realy work?

I wore contacts for about 10 years before developing what is basically an allergy to them. I went without for a few years and then last year tried the newest latest and greatest super breathable semi disposable contacts. I wore them for skiing only and it was great for about six or seven times out. Then the problem reappeared. Dissappointing because the increased peripherial vision definately gave me more confidence when skiing. It's also nice not to have fogging problems when hiking and face planting.

At this point Lasik is becoming more of an option but with my genetically deteriorating poor eyesight it is likely that within a few years I would be back to full time glasses.
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I have the ODS for Smith Moab wrap arounds. The prescription inserts work remarkably well. The prescription lens actually wraps around with the shape of the glasses to provide excellent peripherial vision.

My current plan is to try and use the ODS with a model of turbo cams. But at 180 bucks for the turbo cams I am wondering if it's worth it. I just don't want to spend that kind of money to find out that fogging is still a problem. For half that cost I can get a pair of really nice goggles to fit over my normal glasses.
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I am a big fan (no pun intended) of the turbo cam with the ocular docking. I've had them for probably 3 years already. I only put the fan on for a brief moment when the lens fogs. The reason the fan is important is that the docking lens impedes the natural air flow that is intended to keep the lens clear of fog.

I've never had contacts and have tries a lot of other goggles but none have worked as well.
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My dad has used the smith turbo fan for years with his glasses & swears by it, as do others I know. I would recomend it.
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I use Smith Turbo Cams the Apex ones that replaced the old Monashee turbo cams, plus i also use Rain X anti fog on the my glasses lenses too,, not on goggle lense. With that combination it works well. Only one problem as Smith doesnt offer a yellow lense for the Apex turbo's so iam thinking of getting some Swans fan goggles as they come with yellow lense, i want yellow for those cloudy overcast days. they are the best coulor for overcast days. Swans fan gogles are only 85 bucks at Reliable Racing.
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I use the Smith Turbos with the ODS.
In general I am satisfied with them.

Here are some of the detractors:

1) Unlike the Moabs referred to earlier in this thread, the system by which the insert is secured in the goggles is different and poor. Nothing that snaps into place like on the Moabs.

2) On multiple occasions I have had the lens pop out of the insert. Unlike eyeglasses, the lens aren't secured by a screw or any other means that can be tigtened.

3) The goggles don't fit well over my helmet.

4) They look dorky

P.S. Sierra Trading Post has had the Turbos on occassion for less than $100.
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Don't try this... it just might work!
Instead of paying $180 for goggles with fans and batteries, etc. try using anti-perspirant everywhere your face is inside the goggle, eyelids, etc. This keeps moisture down and you have a clear windshield all day long. I've done this for years. I've been on lifts sitting next ot guys with these fanned goggles on and they are all fogged up while I'm clear, and they wonder why. I tell them, and guess what? They say, "Naw, That won't work!" Then why are my goggles clear and yours aren't?
Glasses vs contacts etc I don't know. My opttometrist sells ski goggles which are perscription. I wonder if that would help? Has anyone tried those kind of goggles?
BTW- anit-perspirant will not give you cancer! urban legend! My younger daughter believes this! Sheesh!
I guess my answer to eyesight problems is to never get old. I'm 55 and let me tell you... 3 things you lose in old age: 1. eyesight, 2. short term memory, 3. ..... can't remember the third one.

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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