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Sorry to hear about the big crash. Does this mean you'll have more time to come up with things to post? God help us all... what's your next topic going to be about ? May be you can start a poll on when you'll be back on skis.

Good Luck for a speedy recovery, or are we not supposed to talk about speed ?
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Please add my get well wishes to the group's, Roto. At times like these, I always find it comforting to think, Hey, it could have been worse!
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So sorry to hear it RF, especially this early. Hope for a speedy recovery. Look at it from this point of view, since it is still early in the season, you still can recover on time for some runs later. Take it easy.
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Well now, you see what happens when you mess with THE FASTMAN!! Bad karma man,,,, bad karma. :
Guess you found the falline.

Seriously though; I'm very sorry to hear about the mishap, and wish you a speedy recovery. Use the flatland time wisely. Some of my biggest technical advancements have occured as a result of off snow exploration.
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That sucks man, sorry to hear about it! I hope you're able to recover soon, before you forget everything you learned at the ETU!! :
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That sucks. I've damaged both the ribs and shoulder before. Bike related accidents) but it's a bitch to sleep with the shoulder, especially if you sleep on your side. Too bad they took Vioxx off the market. That stuff makes all the pain go away. I hope you are a fast healer.
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Bummer man. Hope it heals up faster than you think.
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Sucks to be you!

Last year, first time out, I took a rare fall, and sprained my knee, including a slight tear of the MCL. Still made it to a week's skiing in Quebec a month later.

Good luck with the rehab. And at times when you'd normally be skiing, try to stay away from the internet porn!
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Originally Posted by SnowSnake
And at times when you'd normally be skiing, try to stay away from the internet porn!
ha giventhat it's my right shoulder, i thinkthe internet porn is going to have to beplaced on hold too ...

That "Fallline" comment was funny too. I was just going too fast, that's all.
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Sorry to hear about you going on the DL. Especially considering it's still December.

A number of years ago, we created an award for our end-of-season ski school party, for the best wreck of the season. We created it when my ski school director came about an inch from taking his own life during a Jimmie Heuga race (he also broke a clavical, as well as all 8 ribs on one side, and shattered his tib and fib in one leg). It's called the ass-over-teakettle award. Since I work(ed) at Whitetail, I found a taxidermist that had the back end of a whitetail deer, and mounted it, and hung a "tea kettle" under it, with little brass plaques with the names of the people that win it each year. So it's literally an ass over tea kettle. If EpicSki had one, you'd be the front runner. Not really an award to be proud of, but it eases the pain a bit.
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Lots of folks have suggested I extend my season by going out west in March / April. I am soliciting feedback on which resort I should venture to. The thread is here:
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Roto just give Balco a call -they'll fix you up right away :

Really man - bummer -just take it easy and you never know....keep your hope alive! -
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You still might be able to get a few turns in toward the end of the season. In the mean time take it easy and hope your a fast healer.
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Heal quickly and don't sneeze.
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Rotofury, best wishes for a speedy recovery, I left you a post in the other thread about Tahoe. The nice thing about it is, in Lake Tahoe in March there is so much entertainment available from shows to boat rides on the lake that you don't have to ski every day, just when you feel like it, and if you don't, just consider it a spring vacation, rent a car and see the Ponderosa Ranch, drive around the lake, have a beer at the Squaw Valley deck, etc..

I'll make some turns for you tomorrow, as for today, I'll drink a manhatten to your speedy recovery.

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Dear Roto,
So sorry to hear this news--major bummer. At least it didn't happeb during ETU...Evan torn an ACL last year during ETU. I think the clavicle will prob. slow you down more than the ribs. I think that with luck, you can get in some good spring skiing. I hope you are not too uncomfortable. Any good drugs helping you through it? Any good sympathy from your lady friend? I hope so but don't milk it too much or she get tired of pampering you.

Sorry again and hope you get well soon,
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Sorry to here this. I too add best wishes and full recovery.
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Heal fast and keep skiing! Your post reminded me why I've been waiting for my health insurance policy to take effect before skiing this season.
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Rotofury; Man I hope you heal fast. Know it must hurt like blazes right now. Keep the "drugs" close by. Its the only time you can take them legaly.

I broke a rib a number of years ago and it hurt like hell. One guy in my office told me, "You ain't a man till you break a rib." I told him I could have waited until I was eighty to become a "Man."

Get better soon. And get back out there as soon as its safe.
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Hey Roto, sorry for the injury man. That blows coming so early, but think of it this way, you maybe will be all healed up by the time there's some March powdery goodness around.

Having cracked a rib at Mt Snow years ago (in a much less interesting way) there's something about than place, man.

Originally Posted by RotoFury
ha giventhat it's my right shoulder, i thinkthe internet porn is going to have to beplaced on hold too ...
Not to worry, technology to the rescue. You do have a cell phone, right?

Get well soon RF!
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Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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Hope you get well soon.
Till then, enjoy the narcs.
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Sorry for your misfortune. At least it happened doing something you like, rather than slipping on the ice while shoveling the sidewalk.
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Ouch first day of the season and out. so sorry have a speedy recovery
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Say it ain't so, Joe. I think a western trip in spring is a great way to keep your focus and help rehab. Hey, A-Basin is often open into June. Get well and post often.
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