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RotoFury's Down & Out!

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First run at Snow today RotoFury took a nasty spill. The cause ... failure to adapt to terraine change at highish speed. The effect ... one broken clavicacle and several cracked ribs. The prognosis ... season may be over. I'm just sick over this.
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That sucks my friend. I really hate to hear that, and wish you a speedy recovery.
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NO! Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that, RF. I know from experience, too, that cracked ribs are no fun.

I wish you well, and a speedy recovery. I know that the pain of not skiing may be worse than the pain of the injuries. Please keep us posted. I'll make some turns for you tomorrow!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Damn thats a tough break . Are you writing from the emergency room on a laptop? Sounds like conditions were not too forgiving today. So ah-hem, did you get to ride on a sled?

If you are back on skis by March, be sure to make a stop out West. We should have good snow through April. Sincere sympathies and wishing you a fast recovery. Keep us posted.
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I hope you feel better man.

Who told you that your season is over? Some doctors are overly conservative especially if they do not ski themselves.

I am not familiar with the recovery time of the clavicle and ribs but I would stay positive.
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Just got home. Morphine helped! Thanks for the wellwishing. A lot. Very sweet of you all ... my virtual and corporeal pals.
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My deepest sympathies- broken clavical's a bear. keep the narcotics handy for sleeping. Heal up and get well soon. Snowbird"s open through May...
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Rotofury must be hurt because rotofury is talking about himself in the third person. Phil is concerned, Phil suggested that Rotofury go to Mount Snow, and how did you liek Mount Snow? (Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you like the play?). Rotofury and Phil have something in common, we both have been taken down Mount Snow in sleds. Phils ride was because of El Tool Del Diablo (snowboard) .

See you on AIM Monday, tell Phil all about it.

All joking aside, I hope you feel better buddy, take whatever pills they give you, it will be sore tomorrow.
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RF -

Terrible news!

As soon as I read your post I began to mentally calculate how many weeks should remain in the season...and how long it took some broken ribs I had way-back-when to mend. My sis broke her clavical once playing touch football (Ok, ok...I did it...) and it didn't take her as long to heal as the docs told us it would.

Hope you enjoy the morphine (I'm partial to Demerol for about anything painful) and you get the recovery phase jump-started.

As was mentioned above, please keep in touch (I certainly enjoy your posts; I'm sure the others do) and keep us posted as to your progress.

Here's to your speedy recovery! (Hoisting a glass of '01 E. Guigal Cotes du Rhone in the general direction of Boston...)

- Jim
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RotoFury skied down. The good news is the injury forced "quiet" shoulders.
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RF, I think you just go pick up a flak jacket and go skiing anyway!

I wish you the very best. Heal quickly and plan that spring trip west!
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Oh sweetie that's terrible! Take care of yourself!
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I must add my well wishes to the rest. Heal quickly.
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Oh, No! That's terrible!

You did go to the doctor's I take it!

I wish you a speedy recovery!
Take care!
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You will be back on the skis in about a month. Don't let it get you down. For my last break, (collarbone, shoulder blade, and glenoid fracture) I found a couple of oxycodone made me feel better and get a good night's sleep.
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RF - very sad to hear of your misfortune. Heal soon!

If not for the clavicle, you could probably be skiing again in a week or two. You'd be yelping like a small puppy every time you hit a small bump, or rode a bumpy chair lift, but you'd be skiing. (Know from experience.) An elastic ACE back brace will help "hold in" the ribs when you come back.

Calvicle could take 10-12 to completely heal, but you might be skiing at 6-8 if your doc allows. Right in time for nice spring conditions!!

P.S. a good joke hurts worse than skiing! Hide from your funny friends! And whatever you do... don't sneeze.
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Owww! I know how a separated shoulder feels; ran into a cat track in the fog in '78. I couldn't even stand up, never mind ski down! Hope you're not hurting as much. It seems like everyone with a passion for the sport eventually pays the price in pain. Hope you get well soon!
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I hope you get the magic of healing quickly for Christmas...Be Well!
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Roto, sorry to hear about you injury. I was so looking foreward to your next Buffalo visit... I hope the clavicle heals quickly. That is probably the most serious of the injuries. I took out three ribs a few seasons ago in the spring and kept skiing anyways. They healed a little funny... and hurt like hell for a few weeks... but all was good. I bet you'll be able to hit the snow within 4 - 6 weeks no problem... just dont go falling all the time. Was this a result of chasing the wife? Good luck healing.
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I am so sorry to hear about your incident! I wish you best wishes, and a speedy recovery!
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Down but not out. Get well soon.
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dang that sux. sorry to hear it.

clavicle fracture must be at an odd location and pretty severe, eh?

usually those aren't all that action limiting, same w/ rib fractures... or at least that's been my own experience, maybe I've got a radically high pain tolerance?
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Sorry to hear about your mishap! I know what it feels like... Take care of yourself. Everyone here wishes you a speedy recovery.
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Really sorry to hear that.

Sure hope you heal quick!!!
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Rotofury - by "terrain change," you don't mean "half pipe" do you...?
Tough luck. Heal up and get back on em. Think of Hermann, you'll be fine in no time.
And oh...hide your skis, everybody here knows you won't be using them
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Joe, I don't know what to say to add to all of the warm wishes above, but I'm so sorry for your injury. You share something with me, a dedication to skiing and to learning to ski well. I'm really glad I met you and hope to see you on the slopes again. You WILL become an excellent skier, if not this year - next. You have what it takes man.

Best of luck - try to make a lot of money this year and then plan 2 or 3 western trips for next year!

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Best wishes - hope you heal quickly!

Mt Snow was nice on Saturday....
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I broke my clavicle on a mountain bike a while back. The worst part was not being able to sleep for the first two weeks. Unless you remain completely stationary in bed the entire night, your clavicle will let you know that it's not happy.
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Roto, get well soon!
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Peeks dills.
I mean keeds pills.
What I meant was deek spills.

Dammit, Speed Kills! (silly narcotics!)

Blazing fast recovery, my man.
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