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What's the Best 1-2 Week Fitness Plan?

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So it's January 2nd, just passed the holidays. You've binged, just like everyone else, and have found yourself quite a bit out of shape after Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.

This all has a huge consequence, however, as you are supposed to go skiing at (pick your fav resort) for a 6 days on the 14th. You have less than 2 weeks. What is the best way to get in shape given such a short amount of time? Is it even possible? Post your .02!!

(I ask only because the chances of this scenario seem to be increasingly great. . . . lol)
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Lunges for your legs
Stairs for your cardio

Scotch for my liver
Cigars for my lungs
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I’d also throw in a bunch of pushups and core exercises – enough to make you really sore for a week. My perfect exercise would be to skate up hill on XC gear while carrying a 25 lb weight in a backpack. So, I just try to workout whatever would be sore from doing that.

Do as I say, not as I do … which is real similar to Phil’s regimen
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Do squats - weighted. (5 or so sets... and a few on a balance board or on your toes for balance)

Leg press (light weights, but full range of motion) - optional

Run Stairs - lots of them... find your closest stadium and run them all... several times... every day (or every other day if youre too sore).

Situps/Crunches/Lower Ab workouts.

Running and situps are best. Also... if you want to stay in shape over the holidays - ski every other day. BUT... ski only on race stock slalom skis for 4 - 5 hours a day. Make short perfectly carved slalom turns all day. This will keep your legs and cardio in great shape... and most other terrain will seem easy. Also... if slalom turns arent your thing ski bumps - same idea... more work though.


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AM - RUN. 3-4 miles 3 days a week, double it on Sunday.

PM - Bike 60 minutes, 5 days a week.

Rest for 3 days before heading out.

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I gotta say your best bet is Trip Insurance that lets you get your money back for being out of shape. If you find such a policy, let me know!!

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Screw the weights. Won't do you any good in just 12 days. Start running. Run every other day. Do sit ups and leg lifts for the abs. Stairs are good if you can find a nice long set. Try doing some jump roping too. And maybe cut out the booze and sweets. Since it's Dec. 20th, start today!!!!
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If you're young, take any of the above advice.

If not, you're screwed! Running stairs is awesome, but can wreck your knees (ask me how I know). Bike and core workouts are probably best. And go at it hard. Intensity is the secret, regardless of your self-induced torture of choice.
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I have a question relating to ski fitness - Last week I spent two days skiing at Le Massif and Mont Sainte Anne in Québec and came out of that with a really sore lower back. Granted, I was skiing powder, bumps and glades on a near empty hill banging off 2000+ ft of vertical every run (poor me, eh? haha) so maybe it should be expected. I found my pre-season conditioning prepared my legs and cardio for this just fine. It was ultimately my back that did me in, though. Just wondering what would have been the best way to strengthen my back muscles before subjecting them to said punishment?

BTW, for you Easterners lamenting the not-so hot start to our season in many places, Le Massif has TONS of snow with nary a spot of ice and hardly any man-made to be seen. Check it out if you can!
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you can't get into "ski fitness" in 2 weeks. jeezus, the ridiculous notions people entertain and feed... :
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With only two weeks to go, you should concentrate on increasing your mass. This will help you accelerate downhill.
I recommend donuts every morning, and beer and nachos every night.
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What's the BALCO phone number??
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Originally Posted by gonzostrike
you can't get into "ski fitness" in 2 weeks. jeezus, the ridiculous notions people entertain and feed... :

Best bet is light cardio (bike, elliptical machine) for two weeks, and then pace it slowly while skiing - take frequent breaks - drink lots of fluid - stretch.
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Yup. Nothing much you can do in 2 weeks to improve strength or cardiovacular efficiency.

However, what you can do to help ease the pain is to start stretching. Light workout for legs and core (abs and back) will help get the muscles more conditioned to the upcoming strenuous exercise, though they won't be any stronger in that short time.

Days 1-6:
Work muscles everyday for the first week, starting first day with nothing but extremely light weights. The trick is to work the muscles hard enought but avoid working them to the point that they can't recover by the next day. Ramp up in intensity for each consequitive day. Again, it is important to not get over eager and work them too hard, because the point is to be able to ramp up in intensity a little every day. The key here is to ramp up, but don't overdo. Stretching everyday is important. If you get a little sore, back off the next day to make sure you are recovered the following day. Remember sore muscles get progressive weaker, not stronger.

Day 7,8
Rest/recovery days. NO strength work to allow full recovery. Do daily stretches. Do some activity both those days that is aerobic but not involving legs, like swimming. Don't overdo.

Day 9:
Hard strength work day. Leg presses, abs, back. Work to a point that you will be a bit sore the next day, but not so sore that you will be disabled for the next day.

Day 10:
Swim (or any aerobic activity that doesn't involve your skiing muscles i.e. legs, core).

Day 11:
Light swim or a light 30 minute on an exercise bike (low resistance!!!!! higher rpm!!!) Stretch!

Day 12:
Hard strength training, as in Day 9. Enough so you will be just a little sore the next day, but not any more than that! Stretch. Take a whirlpool afterwards.

Day 13:
Stretch. Go for a light short swim to stay limber. Don't do anything else but rest.

s. Taper down and rest with minimal work for Day 8 and 9. Intense work on Day 10, push your work level that you will be a bit sore the next day. Go very light Day 11, mainly rest and stretch.
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Paging Lisamarie, Paging Lisamarie. There is a work out emergancy in General Skiing! LisaMarie your needed stat!
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Yeah, I was wondering what this was doing in General Skiing? Sorry, but I am in total accordance with Gonzo on this one.
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I work out 4 to 6 days a week. I circuit train on Cybex machines alternating upper body and lowerbody/torso alternately. I stretch every time I go to the gym for about 15 minutes. I am a cyclist but I've let my cardio go cold since the weather turned cool in October. I have a good stationary bike that I should be using for 45-60 minutes on all my "upper body" days. I think I should start...TODAY. I have 33 days till I ride a lift. I like for altitude not to kill me. Oh, and I'm starting a yoga class on the 3rd.
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Dear Gonzo-
I am planning to climb K2 in 2 weeks, but have not begun to train yet. I also will be doing the Hawaii Ironman triathalon immediately upon my return (I figure it is at sea level, so I won't have to worry). Do you have a training regimen for me?
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a wise old yogi told me that such endeavors may be anticipated only with two weeks of this daily regimen:

7AM - wake, drink 1 liter sake

8AM - nap, under influence of sake

4PM - wake, drink 2 liters grappa

4:30PM - nap, under influence of grappa

9PM - wake, eat breakfast consisting of blood pudding, blancmange, scrapple and bat guano omelette; dry cold pumpernickel toast; 1 cup lemon juice over ice for beverage (watered as to taste); and roasted chicory tea re-boiled 4x and served at 211deg F.

10PM - contemplate the physical efforts required for your intended journey

10:15PM - leisure time, may be filled with any of the following: (a) hot coal walking; (b) rest on bed of nails; (c) sword-swallowing; or (d) Houdini-styled escape tricks.

3:45AM - lunch. your choice of one iceberg lettuce head (medium sized), an unripe green banana, or a dish full of habanero peppers.

4:45AM - nap until 7AM wakeup
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Gonzo- no can do. Blood pudding and bat guano not kosher. Can I substitute pastrami sandwich on seeded rye (no mustard) and 1 large uncooked matzo ball?
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yes, as long as the pastrami sandwich doesn't have any other condiments aside from mustard!

I forgot to ask the yogi about my kosher brethren!
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lots of BEER and PIZZA!!
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Originally Posted by gonzostrike
you can't get into "ski fitness" in 2 weeks. jeezus, the ridiculous notions people entertain and feed... :
Isn't there a fitness pill that you can take? I'm sure I saw one on some infomercial a few weeks back or was that for weight loss?

Announcer, "Just one pill a day and you'll be ready for the slopes in a week! Eat all the crap you want! Fast food, pork rinds, it's all good! Screw that low carb light beer go for the stout and why not have a whole six pack? Becuase you've got the miracle fitness pill."
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Can't believe nobody has mentioned one of the best skiing exercises you can do.

Jump on a trampoline!

Obviously helps the legs...also helps with spinning, if you like to huck 3s & 7's.
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So apparently a lot of you (read as: gonzo) are having a field day with this! It matters not to me. I bet quite a bit of you are out of shape from the holidays and are just not ready to admit it.

I, on the other hand, am quite ready to admit that I took a binge starting w/ Thanksgiving and it hasn't quite stopped yet. :-) Now for all of you haters out there, I am well aware that you can't get into perfect shape in two weeks, but you're flat out wrong to think that you can't at least improve substantially.

Keep in mind that this is also dependent on the skier. K2 jokes aside, not everyone wishes to ski from 8 am til 4:30 pm, skiing double blacks non stop. Now, if this is your preference, yes, it helps to be in great shape. But it depends a lot on what you like. I love to ski steep stuff, but the groomers are great too.

PS, for whoever was talking about lower back pain, that's the first thing that goes for me. I play basketball a lot and that helps to keep my cardio and my legs strong, but it doesn't do much for lower back (although it often does wonders for my upper back). There's a nice lower back machine at my gym that I had used, and that helped out quite a bit.
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Originally Posted by Rusty Guy
How often? How many reps, etc.? You've got to be specific about this kinda stuff.
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