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Volant T3 Power-Tyrolia Freeride 8

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Let me start out saying that I am a new member of this group. I was really pleased to find another high quality ski forum. I see a lot of familiar names here. Lisamer left a link to this site. Thanks.
I have several questions regarding new skis and new bindings that I have recently purchased. Yes, I am an Ebay addict. I need to join an Ebay Anonymous group.;>)
The skis are new Volant T3 Power in 170cm length probably 2002 because of the gold finish on the stainless steel. The new bindings are Tyrolia Freeride 8 with Power Select, probably last years as well.
I have been skiing on Volant PowerKarves in 183cm length. Quite a few years old. They were demos with Marker demo bindings. I put the moveable demo toe piece on the skis so that I could adjust the boot position on the ski. I found that I liked the boot positioned all of the way back as far as it would go. When I took them in to have the release checked last year they were noticed as soon as I carried them into the store. Smiles all around. Perhaps a problem with my ski technique?
Now I have these new skis and and wondering whether or not to have the new bindings mounted further back than the factory mark for the boot toe on the ski. The new skis are shorter at 170cm and may be stiffer than the original model PowerKarves. Anyone ever ski on the T3 Powers? Are they going to be similar to my old PK's or are they a totally different animal? The T3's have a rounded tail that the PK's didn't.
Then there are these Tyrolia bindings. Big question mark there. Anyone familiar with these? They are selectable for ski camber. Three different settings one is neutral one puts more camber in the ski and one takes camber out of the ski. Seemed like a good idea when I bought them but when they got here I thought to myself that this was a pretty heavy box just to have a pair of ski bindings in it. They are heavier than my demo bindings. Not too happy about that. Is this camber adjustment just a gimmick or is this a usefull thing to have? I have not had them mounted yet so I am not "married to them " at this point. I hate to waste money but I could use something else if these tyrolias are a " bad joke".
A bit more information: I am a 57 year old male. Started skiing at 49. I am a native So. Floridian so I only get 7-14 days skiing each year. Five foot eight inches tall(short legs a bit bowlegged) 170-180 pounds varies ;>) ( Krispy Kremes a factor here). I ski mostly groomed with an occasional trip into the trees to look for some powder to try out. I like to ski fast and generally don't do a lot of turning. My knees are a factor in buying the shorter skis. I stay away from bumps for the same reason. Steep does not bother me as much as it used to, as long as it is groomed. I want to learn to ski powder but the weather has not cooperated the last few trips. "You just missed it, you should have been here last week". I have heard that too many times. The unknown weather conditions was a factor in going to Volants. I can't choose the conditions. I have to ski what is there when I get there. So far I have been pleased with my PowerKarves.
Ok, that was long. Sorry. Basically I am soliciting comments on any or all of the above. Skis,bindings,binding position,technique whatever.
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Mr. C.

Welcome to the family. I'm one of the other 'old men' here. The T3's are a fine ski. Expect an easy turn and very good stability with these. The Tyrolia bindings you speak of I am not familiar with. Perhaps someone else here knows about them. Setting your bindings further back gives you more speed but less control in turns. Even though speed is your thing, you have to turn at least before next Tuesday. [img]smile.gif[/img]

I think it was the T3's I sold to Bad Rat who's part of us. He enjoys them very much.

For waxing tips, etc. see my page called Bob's Ski page at www.lacyslatherworks.com though there are many good places for waxing. Bob
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I now have 2 complete days on my "new" (demo) T3 Powers (also gold). They are the most versitle ski I have ever skiied. They will carve deep trenches if you set them on edge, but float almost like a powder ski. You most certainly must stay on top of them or they will take off on you. I also found that they plow through crud like it wasn't there.

I would personally have the bindings mounted to factory specs. The T3 Power has a HUGE sweet spot that would be a shame to mess with. Although I am not familliar with this model of binding, one of my sons skis Tyrolia bindings with great success.

You're gona love 'em.

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I think it was the T3's I sold to Bad Rat who's part of us

B., you sold me the T3 Supers from 2 years ago, the ones with the red graphics. Very easy to ski and more fun than my Head Supercross Ti set. I now find them to be a bit on the damp side, however.
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I have the power selects in the 8 and 9 on two of my skiis , one pair is the g-3 at 184 , went this route because I wanted the speed plate at 15mm. On a trip to Lake Tahoe last spring I brought a pair of Vertigo Motions for comparison (they are the same ski as the g-3 , but have the integral marker binding)I alternated the skiis and found no substantial diff except when carrying the skiis on my shoulder mine are a lot heavier. Both systems have free flex , I notice the select control slightly but feel it most on my Dynastar SX speeds with the Power select 8, probably due to the fact that it is a softer and longer (192) ski than the volkl. The new Tyrolia rail system is a real sweet set -up , but does not have a compatible lift system untill next year.Will probably go with thier low end race binding that has a mechanical system that preforms like the marker piston , because I can get the speed plate.
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Hey! Good to hear from you, Bad Rat. Most of the Volants seem damp but they won't twist on you and lose edge control. Move your select on your bindings back to center. You'll find they will still get up and scoot for ya.

Will be at Coopur again this year. Come up and run with me.
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I'll swing by the shop some evening, Jyard. You know how I love keeping you from your work!

I was told that Coop. has a few improvements.
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Mr. c.,

I have read all the other comments and agree with most of them. Place the bindins on the ski per Volant recommendations. I believe it is based on a toe specific placement. Most ski manufacturers have returned to center of the ski being under the center of the boot.

I am currently skiing the Volant 180 T3 Powers [ the ones with the anodized gold colored cap ] with Marker 1200 Titanium Piston Control bindings. I leave the bindings set to the piston "on" position all the time.

I find the skis very responsive and capable in just about all conditions except serious [ Ok, deep] powder.

An excellent all around ski. Mucho fun, but also mucho dinero for skis and bindings.

You sound like a Volant-addict, and probably already understand that the company was sold and their product line for this year has gone under dramatic changes with a side wall now being located between the cap and the ski edge, sort of like the Rossi dual tech approach.I have yet to test any of these new skis.

Anyway I also shortened the length of my skis as well, which didn't seem to hamper my performance. I never missed the additional length.

Oh, BTW I forgot to mention what my last setup was:

Volant 193 PK's w/ Marker Selective Control bindings [ sometimes I would forget to set the stiffness setting, not a problem with Piston Controll.] Loved the ski, but love the T3 powers more !
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Thanks for the input. I am really looking forward to trying these new skis. I might take both pairs of Volants to do a comparison. That might be a bit much to lug through the SLC airport. I may reconsider that. ;<)
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Good to hear the power t3 is a good ski. I picked up a used pair in good shape time to tune them up very soon and test them out.:cool

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They were fair, 15 years ago.
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Thanks for your input. I also have K2 Triaxial TRC Sidecut 9.0, 195cm with Salomon Quadrax series 6 binding in mint condition I used a few times. They must be old. I can't find any review on them.:cool

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