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I'm new to the whole goggle thing and came across wisdoms in a local store.

I was trying out these ones, but they seem a bit too big for me. My eyes are almost at the bottom of the goggle maybe 1.5 cm from the bottom frame foam and about 0.5cm from the sides and the lens itself streches to the top of my forehead.

It fits just fine on my facial contour, although I have to adjust the v-split so i get enough airflow through the nose and it does seem to a be slightly restricitve on the nose. I have to slightly pull it up so I can breathe properly-at the same time my eyes sink downards in the goggle -closer to the bottom frame. Is it genrally the way it supposed to be? Or your eyes have to be somwhere in the middle of the goggle? It feels more as a mask than a ski goggle.. I noticed that Oakley doesn't have different frame sizes to choose from . Is it just the design of wisdoms that they have a lens which is slightly bigger vs other frames?

I was wondering if the airflow to the nose can be totally unrestrictive (as if u are not wearing goggles at all) or any goggle will apply slight pressure on the nose so it's a bit harder to breathe?

Any suggestions?