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Head Ixrc 1100 Chips

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Me- Level 8, 170, 6'
Boot, Beasts
Ski- 170 with Tyrolia RF2 HD14's 8.5 DIN

Days skied- 5
Where? Beaver Creek
Conditions: Ranged from boiler plate, soft spring like groomed and mashed, soft groomed corderoy and 4-6" powder. Blue Bumps.
Speed: slow to 40ish mph

This ski is awesome, rock solid in all conditions, quick, easy to ski, great carver. Holds edge on boiler plate but was soft enough on soft bumps. Ski came around nicely on short to mid radius turns and in the limited pow we had, floated nicely. Quick edge to edge. Very smooth with just enough snow feel, not too damp but smoothed out enough vibration. No shakes or rattles at 40 mph on hard pack groomed. Plowed through soft piled up snow with no deflection. Another guy in my ski schol group was demoing new 6*'s, he tried the 1100's on the second day and never even tried another ski. He absolutely loved them as well. The shops that carry the 1100 chips rave about them and are among their favorites. Unfortunate that they never got the press they deserve but anyone who skis them will love them. A real one quiver ski for all conditions but deep pow. If you spend more time on the front side, I would take these over the Monster 75's
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Hi Finndog,
I skiied the sandwich version of that ski a couple of months ago, and was going to buy a pair in Montana at the ESA, but it appears that they aren't available in the US
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the xrc sandwich 11oo are in the country

I found some at
sturtevants belleuve 425-454-6465
mtpilchuck everett 425 353-3400
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The sandwich version was available in the US but has sold out very quickly (shop deals were sold out before Nov.), I don't think Head anticipated this good of a reaction for the sandwich, they should have though as every one I know has raved about them). Next year they will hopefully make more, this year might have been to test the waters.
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We have a couple of pair at "racer" price in the 1100 SW, 170 and 177. They are $539 if you want a pairm (you will need to mount them with Tyrolia FF bindings, due to the plate). I haven't skied the 1100 Chip, but I am here to tell you that the 1100 SW rocks! GS board with sidecut. Also check out the GX Pro from Elan, similiar idea-race stock GS with 16m-ish radius.
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dawg, you've got mail!
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The sandwich is available here
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Thanks Terp, the Dawg has offered me a great deal on a pair!
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GREAT! If you want something with a little more stability for varied front side conditions, don't hesitate with the chip version! enjoy.
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Is the I.XRC 1100 Sw170 cm length available?
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He has ONE LESS PAIR, not sure if he has any left!
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Since international shipping is so expensive you can have dawg ship them to my place and I'll watch them for you until you get to Montana. Shucks, I'm so nice I'll even break them in for you.
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Rio, thanks for the offer, Gonzo beat you to it. (also, since he's picking me up at the airport, it seemed like the best idea)
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