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Finally got to take these babies out for the first time! Previously I had the 176cm retail-level GS:11s but stepped up to the 183cm world cup stock after trying them out at Hood this summer. No gates yet, but some impressions:

Unbelievably stable ski. Once you set the edge it's unshakeable. Transition out of the turn is smooth yet powerful. Not as explosive or dynamic as some skis, although I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. It's a refined feel. Considering they have a 23m radius and are a beefy ski they're really not bad outside of the course. They can definately get away from you if you get back but as long as you're active on the shins of your boots very controllable. I'm only 5'9", 150lbs so I was a little wary if they'd be a bit too much ski for me but they're just right. I had a great time on them - can't wait to get in some courses soon.

Also of note, my buddy who normally skis last year's Fischer GS (not race stock) in a 170 demoed the regular GS:11m in a 176...said they're not quite as snappy but a more stable and smoother ski that is better than the Fischer at higher speed.