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New Goggles

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So today being my first day on the hill i opened my bag to see none other then my old goggles smashed. dont worry they wernt that good anyway.

so now i need new ones.

i like the spy scoops in black w/ black lenses, but does anyone have any suggestions?

also if you know a place where tehy are cheap (i can get the spys shipped for $40 i also like the comets, but they are too expensive.
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Hmmmm... Well, I like my Marker Infinities, but they aren't going to meet your desired price range, I don't think...
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When I started skiing, Scott was advertising their "Scott Tint". Yeah, everybody has orange goggles now. The tint made it easier to see bumps in flat light. I got a pair and liked them. Since then I've always been partial to Scott Goggles, though not partial enough to pay the ridiculous price I've seen them on sale for.

I had one very memorable experience (memorable except for the few seconds I was passed out for) without orange tint goggles in flat light. I've bought orange tinted goggles ever since.
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I like Spy, they are the only ones I could find with a light grey lense.
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i guess some req's would be nice? eh

usually i ski in the overcast or the sun, and i only really can afford 1 set so a nice comprimise would be good i was looking at the black spys with the blackish lenses

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It depends on your face (not the mt face)

I like Carrera Kimerik with Polar S Yellow lens.
These fit my face better than the Spy and the lens is great for picking up terrain details when I ski the trees and/or steeps and am not in bright sun.
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