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How-to ski on shaped skis?

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Ive been skiing all my life on straight skis and sometime this week I am going to get out and try shaped skis. Is there anything I need to know to get the most out of them?

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Not to be smart, but take a lesson. You are going from vertical (up and down) to lateral (site to side) motion, a big difference. You will get more of of the skis once you are shown how to ski them than just getting out of them and winging it.
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Nine out of ten posters will tell you "get a lesson".
Do so.
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Instructions: Tip to turn.
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Relax and let the skis do the work. Open your stance and ride those edges.
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Agree with the "get a lesson" recommendation. Make sure it's from a Level III cert.

Significant changes:

A more neutral fore/aft stance.
A more right/left balanced stance (more like 60/40 outside/inside weight distribution rather than the old 90/10 or 100/0).
Tip the new inside ski towards the center of the new turn to initiate the turn.
Use gentle muscle rotary pressure (not movement) of your inside femur into the turn direction.

However, that's all just a bunch of words if you don't have the feelings, background, etc. to "hook it" to.
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Lesson, word.
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Head up, feet down
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I got to ski with fellow Bear AE yesterday at Heavenly, CA. AE is an instructor at an Ohio ski area, but seems to spend large chunks of time out west. AE carves railroad tracks. Deep trenches at high speed, low speed, whatever the slope calls for, and he shared his knowlege with me. What a revelation! I really learned how to use my skis. Don't get me wrong, I have been skiing since the early 60s, have been an instructor. For years I have skied at what I thought was an advanced level, but in reality, I have a very stylish "old school" closed stance. Carving has brought the excitement back to the "boring" blue groomers. Turning with accelleration, piling up G forces, stacking the bones to withstand the pressures were all new. We skied from the first tram of the day, to the last lift and my quads really paid the price.

There are very few skiers that can really leverage the potential of shaped skis, and if you are fortunate enough to find an instructor/ coach who will help you apply your existing skills to experience the excitement of these new skis, you will be amazed. I hope to ski with AE again this week before he heads back east, but I will have my work cut out for me to master these new skills for the rest of the season.

BTW, I shot some good video footage of the clinic and full speed chase scenes, but don't have a server to post it. If anyone has some ideas how to go about it, let me know.
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