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ESA Award ideas

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As the ESA continues to approach at a snail's pace, it seems a good idea to come up with a list of awards for ESA attendees. Since I have never been, I only know what I've heard. So, for each of you (whether an ESA Rookie, Veteran, or All-Star), what awards do you think we should have for ESA attendees?
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I went shopping today and picked up a little something for one of the awards. If you happen to see something that shouts out to you that it's a perfect ESA award, deputize yourself and get it for us. Don't spend much money or we'll "forget" to pay you back.

The awards tend to be for distinction (or de-stink-it-up-tion), generally speaking.
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Some initial ideas from me:
  1. Most unlike virtual identity
  2. Most improved
  3. Biggest yard sale
  4. Best recovery
  5. Most fear overcome
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Here's some we had in the past...

1.Encyclopaedia award (precise & detailed answers)
2.best questions
3.best answers (humorous or serious)
4.Jules Verne award for global experience
5.best photo
6.Best video
7.best tagline
8.Ski lover
9.Ski hater
12.most flawed poll
13.broken record award

Based on the forum.
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Originally Posted by ssh
Some initial ideas from me:[list=1][*]Most unlike virtual identity
I have one of those Peruvian-style hippie helmets, modernized with no-itch wool and appropriate synthetics, to show that this award was given last year.
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