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brake holder when tuning?

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I use a hair tie to hold my brakes down when I tune. It works, somewhat.

Does anyone know of a better way to keep them out of the way for sharpening and waxing?
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There is a rubber-band-like device specifically for this purpose. I bought a set of Swix ski vices and there were a couple of thse brakebands included. I think Tognar has them in their catalogue. If you need supplies, check Tognar out, have them send you a catogue. I have ordered waxing and ski repair stuff from them and they seem to have everything.
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Most of our bindings are Salomon.. the brakes are removable. When I am tuning Markers, I have a special bracket which holds the brake up. You can also use a strong rubber band. If you use ia vise that has a dummy boot, that is another option.
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Over the years I have invented a number of gadgets and used several specific binding clips and hooks to keep the brakes out of the way. By far the best way I have found is making my own rubber bands cut from a discarded motorcycle inner tube. You can vary the width to play with the stiffness of the rubber band. You can also buy rubber bands that will work. If one band does not hold it use two.
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I use a set of small bungee cords, or a set of very strong rubber bands. Also i have been known to remove the brakes on my bindings (Salomon) if i dont have either of the previously mentioned gadgets on me. Ive never found it to be too big of an issue on how you retain your brakes while you tune or do other work on your skis.
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There are a number of options avilable that might work for you.
You could use the rubber band that you would find on broccoli, tire tube (mountain bike tubes are best, just cut rings and away you go), a dummy sole (use a slat 1X3, cut to match the lugs of your boot), or talk up a local ski tech for a couple of pro bands (they usually have them laying all over the place). Hope this helps.
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Locaal hardware - hardcore rubber bands, max investment = $3 for about 50
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every ski ship I've walked into has a big ol' bucket of fat rubber bands for just that purpose.
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rubberbands work but you still have the problem of holding the ski steady while working on it. I made a jig by cutting 3/4" plywood the size of the bottom of a boot then screwing it into a 2"X4". Now I just snap that into the binding and put the 2X into the vise and everything is steady while I work. I like cheap and easy. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ryel, Interesting concept. I like it.
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Ryel, I'll second that. Cheap and stable. I like it. :
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I use big rubber bands and canning jar seals. Since I know which skis I am going to tune, I now have switched to bent up pieces of hanger wire.

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Excellent ideas, gentlemen, and the award for cheap and practical goes to Ryel. I'm making one this weekend. Ingenious. :
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