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I've had these for a little over a year and they haven't seen enough action to justify keeping them around. They are great on groomers and crud, but I prefer something fatter in the Wasatch fluffy.

They've got maybe 10 days on them and a few hairline scratches on the bases--NOTHING that a base-grind wouldn't erase. Topsheets are clean and pretty unscratched.

There is one "S" shaped gouge that's about 6-8" long, but I'm thinking it too would buff out with a good grind.

The Tyrolia LD12's are the Super Railflex design so you can adjust the binders wherever you please without re-drilling. I have a 305mm shell size...

I'll part with these for $299 including S&H inside the USA. I can do PayPal, or Visa/MC directly through our online store.

SIZE: 186cm

Drop me a line if you're interested: jason @