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What resort(s) can beat this deal?

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From The Park Recore Newspaper, Park Citu,Ut

Quick Start is a success for Park City resorts

Successful program allows travelers to ski for free on their fly-in day, highlights area's accessibility

By ANNA BLOOM, Of the Record staff

Can an airplane ticket become a lift pass? Park City thinks so. For the second year in a row, The Park City Chamber/Bureau, along with all three Park City resorts, will be offering guests a free afternoon on the slopes provided they arrive the same morning in Salt Lake. Quick Start highlights Park City's best kept secret: its accessibility.
"Quick Start sets Park City apart from the rest of the country," explained Chamber/Bureau Marketing and Sales Director Cathy Miller. "Nowhere else in the country can you fly in and ski or ride the very same day."

In terms of convenience, there is no comparison. Park City offers the same vacation experience as Vail, Aspen or Jackson Hole without the customary sacrifice of a travel day. It's old news to Park City dwellers and denizens, but brand new to those who have yet to test the Utah experience, which is why Quick Start passes can only be redeemed by non-Utah residents.
.people who are already customers know," said Miller, an instrumental player in the formation of Quick Start. "[The promotion] is intended for people who have never experienced what Utah has to offer."

In addition to an out-of-state address, visitors seeking to reap the rewards of this promotion must go to the website at www.parkcityinfo.com, print and fill out the redemption form and have the form with them at the ticket counter.

"Last year, the community was so excited, they were referring people who had just arrived to the lift ticket windows," says Miller. "We want to encourage visitors to book flights in advance."

In its first run, 25,000 people registered at the web site and nearly 15,000 redemptions.

Deer Valley, The Canyons and Park City Mountain Resort glow about the program's success.

"We want new customers," asserted Katie Eldridge, director of public relations at The Canyons. "[With Quick Start] we are directly reaching the guests that have never been to Park City."

Miller calls Quick Start "a promotion with legs" because of its strong PR message. The product not only increases lift ticket sales, but local business revenue, lodging reservations and airline sales.

"We had over 50 articles written about it last year," revealed Miller, "This year even Delta Airlines picked it up to sell flights."

Duvivier credits Quick Start for the increase in this year's number of reservations.

"Kudos to the Quick Start Program," said Duvivier. "Fly in the morning and sky the rest of the day? That's a pretty good deal."

Miller understands that the success of the Quick Start program would not have been possible without a collaborative effort on the part of Deer Valley, The Canyons and Park City Mountain Resort. The promotion sells because the mountains have been willing to donate their product. With the exception of minimal blackout days, between Christmas and New Year's, Presidents' Day Weekend and Valentine's Day Weekend, the resorts continue to grant free afternoons to travelers this season.

"We wouldn't have [Quick Start] unless the resorts cooperated," explained Miller. "I think the resorts are very positive about it. They understand the benefit of getting new customers. They know there is a high percentage of repeats once people come here."

Quick Start sends a clear message to travelers: There's no place like Park City. Three distinct resorts and a free afternoon pass in one town is an offer visitors can't refuse.
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Old news dawg.
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Its a great deal for an east coast traveler looking for a free afternoon of skiing, but that article is laced with plenty of information that isn't true.

Mt. Rose outside of Reno is closer to Reno International than any of the Utah resorts and deals to be had at the downtown Reno resorts can easily outdistance the total cost of a ski trip to the Park City area. The skiing accessed by shuttles and such is more extensive at Reno-Tahoe than the Utah resort group, but California doesn't have those magical canyons as side trip options.

The title of the closest ski area to an international airport in the US should really go to the Sunport in Albuquerque. It is less than 10 miles to the Tram at the edge of the city that takes you to the top of Sandia Peak and the ski area. ...It isn't exactly a resort area, but the skiing is pretty good, with long cruising runs when the snow is good, and it isn't all that small by eastern standards.
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But can you ski FREE at theses other resorts a half day?
That was the point of the post, you fly in, ski the afternoon free.
Used to live in SLC , from where i lived i could be in Park City in 15 min, Cottonwood Canyons,in 25.
I now live at Lake Tahoe, i drive back n forth to Reno to work,i have timed the drive from I-80/US395 to the Mt Rose turn off, it has been no less than 30 minutes.
(on a good day) Plus Mt Rose is not a major destenation as is the Park City area, Vail, Lake Tahoe.
In the SLC /PC there are no less than 5 companies that will shuttle you from the airport. Then in the PC you have the FREE transit system, In SlC you have the UTA Ski bus to and from the Cottowood Canyons resorts, beilev it's $6.00 round trip( help me out locals)
You can rent your ski online at Utah ski and golf, and then pick them up at thier airport location.
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Nice evasive response Tahoetr.

The point was the distance from the airport to the ski area, not some house you used to live in!

And, a free afternoon of skiing is worth $55.00 or so, so an overall trip price that is $55.00 or so cheaper is clearly a better deal in terms of dollars spent. ....Reminds me of these 'bargain hunter' types who willingly spend an hour and five dollars worth of gas to snatch some bargain for a couple of dollars less!

People who use the 'deal' to their advantage are definitely making a big dent in the price of the trip, but area advertisers realize that once they entice a person into the area, chances are good they will get back anything they willingly gave away to bring people in. You are right that Park City has considerable convenience built into the site, but that comes with a price as you linger there for your trip.

The place is great, but I fail to see why Utah has to use superlatives making them the absolute leader in terms of convenience, economy, and snow quality when they are not!
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Feallen it is called "Marketing." Every resort all Ski desitinations say the are the best, for one thing or the other. Vail says we are the largest. Steamboat has the "best champagne powder. New Mexico has more sunny days. Tahoe gets more snow, and is the most scenic. Jackson hole has the most challenging terrain. Utah has the Greastest Snow on Earth. Everyone wants to put thier best foot forward. Utah and Park City has a lot to offer in the way of all those things great quality snow, It is vary convent 30 min drive on a major Freeway, makes it by far easier to get to then just about any of the Colorado resorts. and if your doing an economy trip you can stay in Salt Lake City for very littel money. As far as westren skiing utah is stilll far behind in skier numbers then Colorado. For every skier that comes to utah 4 go to Colorado. At ski shows held in Eastern Cities skiers were ask what place they thought of for skiing out west about 75% said Colorado. Utah has a long way to go in the way of marketing
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