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No snow in the PNW - Page 5

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Current forecast for this weekend calls for snow and relatively low snow levels. So here's to hoping that we get some good snow. I've got a trip to Baker in 2 weeks and would really like to have something to board on.
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nobody has mentioned mt ashland we have 100 inches at top and over 5 feet at the base woohooo
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Discount at Bachelor

I know you're sick of hearing that we have snow here, not as much as Ashland, and the powder skis have not even had the storage wax scaped off, but we have some great skiing.

Bachelor is offering something like a $10 discount to skiers from other PNW resorts who have a season pass to an area which is closed. I think that covers all you 'tonies. Come on down for a few runs.
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On the other hand, give Snoqualmie credit for trying something:

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alright, I'm down here in Boise, and I gotta say this is getting a little ridiculous. With the exception of 4-6" we got about 10 days ago (which promptly melted when the temps went to 50+), it hasn't snowed here since New Years. I'm told it hasn't been snowing up in McCall (Tamarack, Brundage) either, and I'm fairly certain Sun Valley is suffering the same fate. And the forecast for the next week is for more clear skies.

Maybe I'm doing my snow dance wrong or something
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