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I bought a pair of SX:11's in 170 end of last season and finally skied them.

I'm 5' 9 1/2", 195lbs (and shrinking) level 7/8 formerly on 177cm Volkl Carver Motions. I have been warned that the 11's don't like to go slow, don't make short turns well, yada yada yada.

I loved them. They made short turns just fine and had no problem skiing slow when I wanted them to.

I am well trained and am using lateral motion, and trying to carve as much as possible and am not trying to twist the skis. They felt EXTREMELY stable and solid to me at all speeds. When rolled on edge they had a death grip on the hard packed surface I was on. On the steeper, icyer sections they gave me great control using short turns and keeping my speed down.

I think the length may be critical, those on 180's may feel they aren't suited for short turns possibly. Also my weight, which I'm trying to lose, may have made it easier for me to bend them. Possibly a lighter skier would have to work harder.

However anyone who is skiing well, tipping the skis, not using excessive foot steering should not find them a difficult ski to use.

I did not get a chance to ski them in crud or powder this early in the season.