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I presume because they are racing skis with an 11 meter sidecut they want to make short turns all the time, they want to dig in their edges and 'trench' . The hold is terrific but they want to be skied fast. That is not my style of skiing, I want to be able to change from carving to drifting and even traversing. I found that this ski in the 150cm starts is grabing the edge and turn at a very low edge angle, I'm just not used to that.

But I may warm up to them after I give them a chance....one hour on them is just enough to scope out their tendencies. It is easier for me to make short turns with my 11/20 than it is to make nice long rounded turns with the SL:11. With the slalom skis I have to drift the tips to draw out a turn while with the GS cut I can tighten them much easier.

These play things are great if I want to make one turn each second or two of the run but for relaxed skiing they are not.

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I take two pair sometimes, but not often, for my daily excursions to the lift-served area.

but on road trips, definitely more than one pair. kinda hard to go back home for the other pair in between ski days
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Now that I have two pairs I might give it a try. In the past I've tackled bumps in super g skis, and tried straigt-lining Dynastar Course slalom skis (the first ones with the harts that didn't turn so well at 45 mph)

I'm almost superstitious. I have hesitated to demo a different ski on the same day. I just take a long time to get to know my skis and once I'm dialed in I leave it at that for the day. It also takes me a long time to get used to a car before I feel safe pushing the traction envelope at speed with it.
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I ususally take my Dynastar Speed SX's, and a midfat like my B2's. Makes for an interesting day, especially when conditions on the slopes vary. I try to park close to the lifts, and always leave the skis locked in the Outback.
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Ott, just stay with them, you will get used to it and make any kind of turn you want. It takes a little more finesse to make the drifting turn you like, but you should adjust in no time at all.
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Ott; sounds like fun. I do it when Im testing skis. Also if I was a pro, sure.
But most of the time I'll go with Miles- "Wear one of each skis."- nice.
I have three active pairs, one carver for ice and hardpack groomers, a pow ski, and an all mountain for bumps and off- piste. I figure out the weather and where I'm going and usually take the one that fits and just adapt myself to conditions I find. Otherwise I get confused and forget it's the skier, not the ski. Anyway, I hate to come off the mountain. Also I find out fun stuff like the Volkl 5* isn't wide enough to work well in breakable wind crust- it punches through under the boot but the tips and tails float. Pocket Rockets, though fantastic in fluff, are a bit terrifying on hard steeps, but once I figured it out I lapped the run four times without self arresting once, even.
I usually have a pair of Supermountains in the car for just such times but never when I actually need them. Now I have a nice pair of Legend 8000's to forget at home. (interesting all around ski- I'll post my thoughts about them if it ever snows again)
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Originally Posted by Arby
At the end of the day, I'll ride the gondola back down with both pair.
Dude, that's sacrilegious. Just lock or check one pair at the bottom and ride up without skis and get your other pair. NEVER RIDE DOWN!
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I bring just one pair of skis. I guess my all mountain ski is good enough for me. I can ski powder, crud and moguls with my Rossi bandits. Don't need anything else.
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Two pairs of skis all of the time.....

One for packed conditions and one for powder days(need more please)!!!
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Two pairs everytime

Atomic M11 and Salomon 1080 for me and
Atomic R10 and Salomon 1080 for the wife

I use the Atomics most of the time and have the 1080s for bumps, trees, and new snow.

Of course the Sallies have not been used since early December.
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I often take 2 or 3 pair of skis. If it is a local hill usually only 1 pair. If I go west or upper midwest I take 2 or 3 in case the conditions change. That is, the delusional hope that I might experience powder in the midwest on occasion.

Currently have a pair of Atomic SX11s for hard snow, a pair of Volkl 5 stars for hard and soft, and a pair of Dynastar Legend 8000s for soft snow conditions.

For the past 35 years I have had 2 or more pair for different conditions or race courses.
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