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Originally Posted by sakamo
by the way sjjohnson, if you quote someone, do it in context.
The quotation is in context.

If you're going to write people's screen names, spell them correctly.
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Originally Posted by sakamo
i've never bought online from cupolos; however, i've purchased several pair of skis and boots. originally, i bought a pair of skis that decided i didn't want a month later. i brought them in without a receipt and they gave me full price towards a pair i did want. no questions asked. and at a ridiculous price. next my wife and i came in for boots; i'll be honest, she had to return them due to a bad fitting, but they nailed it the next time around. for me, i broke my new boots the next season at killington and brought them in. they were all out of that particular model but offered me a better boot at no extra cost. unfortunately, as it was a display, the other one was missing. as i was going skiing that week, they called the rep, got the boots overnighted and brought them out to the local resort i was at that day (they were going out anyways). this year, as my boots packed out, i called the guy i bought them from, and offered to give me a fair trade based on the condition; i haven't made it in though. it did turn out though, that packed out bladders weren't the whole case. the boot's actually two sizes too big, and had a huge bladder. in all, me and my wife have seen better boot fitters, but the service we've gotten and their pricing outweigh that. i'd definately give them a call next time i'm in the market.

Your post is completely out of context here as evidenced by the opening sentence in your post! This thread was in reference to Cupolo's online business practices. I don't think anyone ever said they were horrible to deal with if you showed up in person at their store. Although you have pretty much confirmed that also!

I have participated in many great transaction on ebay, that have been a benefit to both seller & buyer! Cupolo was not one of them!
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To all,

I am surprised my thread was still running. I am of two opinions on the whole where does this thread belong thing. I leave it up to the Mods that if they want to move a thread its up to them. I thoght it deserved its own thread and obviously by the additional posts that are here it seems to have worked out. I am not shy about starting new threads. However as I have spent more time at epic I notice that a single thred has a long life here and will from time to time be brought up from ancient history (2-3 months ago) into the present so maybe having a single thread on the issue is best.

Originally Posted by sakamo
Tromano, have you ever been to Cupolos? it's not Wal-Mart; they're a small sporting goods store in Niagara Falls, Ca. As for ruining it for others, if they've boned so many people (which according to the number of negative posts, they have) then it makes it easier for the rest of online shops that do good business to succeed. Finally, your reference to Ebay, that it, in any way lends credibility to any business or is honest or trusted is just bunk. i'm sorry Tromano, but if you've followed Ebay over the last few years, they're the single leading venue for sheisters and fraud. In fact i've been boned numerous times via them.

This isn't in any way a positive plug for Cupolos, or negative for that matter; but lobbying against them is just petty, man (or woman, i don't know?)
I have had trouble with ebay in the past as well. I think everyone has an ebay story, either from a sellers or buyer's perspetive. I have both. If you have 50 feedback I am sure you have an ebay story. But ebay isn't the only one. I have also had trouble with other exclusively online retialers,,, etc... I have had problems with onlinie version of B&M stores e.g. I have also had problems at B&M retialers such as Sports Authority, CompUSA, etc... IMO, the problems in Ebay are not any more than the problems I have had with any other of these methods of buying things. I probably have 100+ transactions on ebay in the last 2 years. Of course I have no actual ratigs or ranking to show you right now. Althought I could probably find something. If there is interest.

Ebay isn't a vendor it is a marketplace. You have to look at who is in the marketplace. Since I joined ebay for the first time back in 2001, I have noticed a great change toward the positive in the level of quality and service from that marketplace as a whole. And I see that trend continuing. I am talkign abotu the detail in the descriptions, the timliness of shipping, etc...

I understand that cuppolo is not Walmart. Walmart has the most sophistocated, powerful, and well managed resource and invantory tracking systems in the world. They are the undisputed retail king of applied information technology. The own e-commerce.

When there is a buisness that is not able to deal with the basic and fundamental aspects of online store e-commerce buisness model such as: answering customer's email, updating their product information, invantory and auctions, ensuring the items listed are correct and are available for delivery etc... You will have huge problems with customer satisfaction. That is because these as well as other steps are necessary conditions of selling online.

Everyone has problems when starting a new buisness or transitioning from an B&M to a online. One classic pattern is a small shop, small invantory, that goes online and sees initially a great succes and rapid burn out. They are not able to keep up with demand of a large online market. The honest and well intentioned buisnessmen will solve these problems or if they cannot, move on to other more workable markets where they can provide the expected minimum of service. The "sheisters and frauds" as you call them are those who keep taking money from unsuspecting people knowing that they will never recieve the expected level of service. And they never follow through by providing the right product, timly delivery and in the worst cases never produce anythign at all.

The reason I started this thread is not because I am a small or a mean person. I merely wanted to share my ideas. And this e-commerce happens to a field where I have some knowledge and experience as well as accademic interest. I don't think there is anything small or mean or about learning from the mistakes of others.
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