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sleeping foot

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I went out yesterday for the first runs of the season in new boots, my right foot felt great but my left foot went to sleep. From my arch up to my big toe and tow small toes next to it fell asleep and haven't woken up (one day later) they feel like they're numb but not painful. The guys on the gear discusion gave me some good tip for how to modify my boots to prevent this from happening again but my question now is when will it feel normal again will it just take time or should I see a doctor about this? Has this happened to someone else out there?
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What colour are your toes?
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normal color
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I guess your squeezed off the circulation, and the nerves went to sleep. It's happened to me for at the most 7 or 8 hours. A day is a pretty long time for your foot to be sleeping. I would get it checked out, but I wouldn't worry too much. Since your toes aren't turning black, I guess you haven't done too much damage. No circulation and cold weather can easily cause your toes to get frostbite. Be careful out there.
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sounds more like you put too mucvh pressure on the nerve...
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I had the same problem with my old Salomon boots so I bought a new pair of Technicas and haven't had a foot go asleep since.
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Agree with disski- this is much more likely to be a nerve compression problem and very unlikely to have anything to do with circulation. From your description of the distribution of the numbness, I would bet that you compressed the superficial peroneal nerve, and in ski boots this may be most likely to occur over the top of your foot, near where it meets the front of the ankle. You may have had the 2nd or 3rd buckle of the boot latched too tight.

The good news is that this is likely to get better all by itself in another day or so- I would hold off seeing a doctor until then. You may need some boot work done, or you may just need to not be as aggressive when tightening your boots.
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boots aren't on tight at all, took the liner out and it has very aggressive padding around the ankle bone, this is right where I think the nurve is that is giving me problems. My foot is feeling better and I'm gonna compress/shave some of that foam in that area out so i think that will do the trick, thanks for all the help
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