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Ski Pants for $150? Ski Gloves?

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I'm new to skiing and was thinking of buying some inexpensive ski pants. Can I get a decent pair for $150? If so what is a good brand? I want to stay warm and dry, as I know I'm going to fall a lot while learning. Would it be better to just rent a pair when I get to Vail?

Also, I need a new pair of gloves. I had a pair but lost them. Again, I want to stay warm and dry.

I was thinking of seeing if I could hit any after Christmas sales (if there are any) here in Florida.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Try [url]www.SerriaTradingPost.com they have some great buys on some vary good Jackets and pants saw some gore Tex pants for about $120.00 or so thats a good price for Gore tex
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For gloves, you can find Marmot spring ski gloves. They are great and will be good to 20-30F. They can be cheap $40-50 if you go to ebay. These are great gloves that is water proof, very sturdy, good looking, and warm. I am using one now. When it gets colder, I have another set of Marmot (the name escapes me) that can handle anything.
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sierra trading post is really good. also try campmor.com. For 150, you can get some really good pants....you can get very serviceable pants for a lot less.
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I'm currently using Columbia pants from Sierra Trading Post, which have Columbia's imitation-Gore Tex ("Omnitech" IIRC), which were about $50. Just a shell; use a fleece or long underwear layer underneath. Works fine for me.

My main gloves right now are the Head gauntlet-style ones from Costco, which have some other imitation-Gore Tex layet in them. About $15, and very nice IMHO.
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My Cousin runs a couple of breeze shops in lakewood and dumont...check him out they usually have some good stuff for all price ranges...Ask for Matt
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Do some reading about materials amd manufacturers. As people have pointed out, places like Sierra Trading Post, REI outlet, eBay, Patagonia's outlet stores (phone order), etc can have really good deals. In general, you are better off finding good quality gear (Patagonia, NF, Cloud Veil, Spyder, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, Arcteryx, upper-end Helly, etc, etc) at discount prices - overstocks, old models, cosmetic blems, etc. - than going with 2nd or third rate manufacturers/suppliers. The top folks all use good materials, tape all (or virtually) all seams, etc. There are many good choices - do some searching for earlier discussions on this site.

If you hit sketchy conditions, gear quality will make a huge difference in fun-factor. For example, here in the PNW it is common to see a distinct split on freezing-rain type days. Often, people with good gear can pretty much ignore inclement weather. People with poor gear (untaped seams, non-goretex-like material, etc) all seem to be utterly miserable for a while & then retreat to the lodge where they try to warm up and dry out. Considering the cost of lift tickets, one day not lost to the weather can pay for a nice gear upgrade...

As others sort of indicated, make sure you have a good base layer as well - fleece "synchilla" style top and bottom (stretch or not).

One more thing: only buy gloves with real leather palms. Especially as a beginner, you will likely end up using rope tows. They will burn right through virtually all synthetic glove palms. Even later in your career, you'll use rope tows for convenience at times. A real bummer to stand there with a big gaping hole in your gloves. You can't go wrong with the Marmots, but they are not the cheapest things around. Lots of other brands seem just great as well - look for waterproof, breathable, and real leather palms...
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I heard this someplace and this sort of somes up spindrifts comments " There is no such thing as bad weather, it's just you don't have the right clothing."
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Why not head down to your local sporting goods store and see what they've got in stock. People get all hung up on the latest outer shell material. Is it bullet proof? Is it hydrophobic? Yes, seriously, they use the term hydrophobic these days. I have a pair of LL Bean ski pants that I have had for 5 years. They were $70. I also have a pair of no name ski pants that I bought on sale for about $40. They aren't quite as warm as the LL Beans, so I use them during days when it's above 20F and for spring skiing. Look at Grandoe, Marmot, Kombi for a decent ski glove. You can get a decent ski glove that will last you 5 years or more if properly taken care of for $35.
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Sierra Trading Post is the best place. After shopping there for a long time and always checking prices against other websites I have come to the conclusion that if it is listed on their site, it will be the cheapest price on the web. They also have a ridiculously good return policy.

Look here for pants.

Look here for gloves.
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As long as they are comfortable and you like them they will work. In many cases you get what you pay for. Don't pay more than $150.

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Thanks for all the replys. I may check out some gear in the stores this weekend, then look on line to see if I can get a better deal.

This question may sound stupid...so you will have to forgive me....What is taped seams? Is that a particular stitching within the pants?
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"Taping" seams is putting a waterproof tape underneath a stitched seam to prevent water from entering through the tiny holes made by the needle in the waterproof fabric. "welded" seams are also good (no stitches at all) FWIW. BTW, $150 is a LOT to spend on pants... so you should be able to score real name brand G-Tex for that price. I love smartwool gloves - spring gloves down to about 25 degrees, ultimate gloves down to about -20 degrees.
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also, for gloves, don't buy gloves, buy mittens. Tons warmer.
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Thanks..I was looking on REI and Sierra Mountain and was wondering what the difference between "Shell Pants" and "Insulated Pants" are? I'm guessing if I got a "Shell" I would need a base layer, whereas "Insulated" is sans a base?

I already have a Patagonia base pants and top I bought a couple years ago I can wear.
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Pretty much. With shell pants you definitely need a reasonable base layer(s). With insulated pants, probably a very light base. However, there is a bunch of personal preference involved. If you ski "hot", you probably want a shell & will use fairly modest layers underneath. If you ski "cold", you may want insulated plus a fairly heavy base. All depending on conditions of course... If you don't know your preferences, a high quality shell probably gets you a bit more flexibility.

If you use search a bit, I suspect you'll find a number of threads discussing the tradeoffs involved.
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Oh, and for gloves, stop at Costco and grab a pair of the ubiquitous $15 Heads. (See many other threads.) Better yet, by two and you'll always have a dry pair. If you are still cold, buy some polypro glove liners and you're good to go.
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Ok..I went to two local Outdoors/Ski places today. I didn't see a big selection for the "High End" Brands all the posters suggested. I did see an assortment of Obermeyer and Rawik. Are these brands any good?

Also...I found on REI.com these two pants. Do any of these have possibilities?


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Alliegator- you can do better on the pants. Look here: http://www.rei.com/outlet/category/22000520.htm?
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I don't recommend Obermeyer. I have had bad experiences with their gear.
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Thanks for the comments. DP..which of the Mountain Hardware pants do yo recommend or are they both good. Also for sizing..do these ski pants run big? I'm usually a size 4..so by the time I layer..would it be better to get a size 6?
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Originally Posted by Alliegator
Thanks for the comments. DP..which of the Mountain Hardware pants do yo recommend or are they both good. Also for sizing..do these ski pants run big? I'm usually a size 4..so by the time I layer..would it be better to get a size 6?
They do run a bit small in my experience. Combine that fact with the need to layer, and maintain the ability to move freely, and you may want to err on the bigger size.
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On pants, I'd definitely recommend non-insulated shell pants. It really fits in with the dress in layers concept. You can wear a variety of base layer garments for any weather. When it's -10F, you can wear long johns and good stretch fleeze base layers. When it's 40F, one medium weight base layer or two ligthweight layers. When it's 65F, a pair a khaki shorts :-)
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Ok...I was getting ready to buy some pants for myself, then I started to look for my husband. I came across these...which have Gore-Tex but I haven't heard of the brand. Does anyone know about them? Are they good? They say Unisex...so I was thinking they might be ok for my hubby and myself. But not sure if Uni Sex pants are really any good.

Thanks for any additional input.

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