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Advice on AT outfit?? Alternatives

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I recently was lucky enough to pick up a pair of Stockli Stormrider SSs. I also have a pair of Big Stix 84s that I have skiied for the last season or so. Have a pair of K2 Axi X Pros for the hard pack days at the area (Mammoth). I am putting together an AT setup for backcountry powder skiing. I am debating on mounting a pair for Freerides on the Stocklis and using them for the ski hill and backcountry. OR pulling my 1200 PCs off of the Big Stix and mounting the Freerides on them, devoting the Stocklis to pure downhill with an alpine binding. I love powder, and off piste conditions. I ski all over the western US but primarily in the Sierras. Any thoughts or suggestions? I am also considering the Garmont Adrenalines? In the end, I am really interested in one core question, how do you think the Stocklis mounted w/ the Freerides and Garmont boots will perform on the hill and in the BC? I am a strong skiier, just new to BC skiing.
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i use: 1999 rossi banditx's,naxo,garmont megarides,and g3 skins. dont forget your skins. an a.t. setup is only good as your skins.
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AT boots are NOT as responsive as alpine boots.

my alpine setup is Rossi Bandit B2 boots, Fischer skis (160 cm WC SC or 180 cm Big Stix 8.6)

my AT setup is Garmont Mega-Ride boots, Black Diamond Havoc skis 173cm, Naxo AT binders.

I've skied the AT skis with my Rossi boots and it's a remarkable difference.

I doubt the Adrenaline is THAT much stiffer than the Mega-Ride. And, as Jonathan Shefftz reminded me when shopping for AT stuff, when you go for a stiffer AT boot, that stiffness can translate to less comfortable touring/skinning. so it's a trade-off, as with many things in life.
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Very big difference in lateral support for Adrenalin vs. Mega-Ride. I wasn't able to ski them, but trying them on the shop it was really noticeable.
Forward stiffness is not that much greater than Mega, since the Adrenalin is oddly enough a full cm lower than Mega. Wrapping the power strap *inside* the boot shell tongue seemed to stiffen them up though.
Definitely a boot to consider. (The new Denali TT is supposed to be much improved over last season's XT, but I didn't have a chance to try them on.)
But yes, it's always a compromise -- the great part though is that the latest boots both ski and skin better than their recent predecessors.
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thanks Jonathan! haven't seen any comparative info before that. hope you're doing well.
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