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boot problems

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first day of skiing today with new boots and skies, skies worked well and one boot felt good, my right boot did fine but my left foot went to sleep thought i could tweek the straps with the micro adjust but after a day of skiing no good, my foot still feels like it's numb (not cold, 5 hours later) I took out the liner and while they felt good in the store i noticed the liner has some hard reenforcment just below the area on the inside of your ankle where the bone bulges out, that area is really sore and i think it tweeked a nurve causing my foot to sleep, The boots are last years model Salomon 1080 course pro, is there anywhere i can get just a boot liner, something not so aggressive or am i out of luck? any tricks i can try? thanks
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depending on how agressive you want to get with the liners and how comfortable you are tweeking the stuff.

Try taking a hair dryer or better yet a heat gun (BE CAREFUL) it's easy to go over board. heat up the area on the liner that you think might be pressing into your bone and mold it and compress the material in that area. You might need some deep c clamps or something like a hard wood ball to stick in the liner and then clamp on the outside to compress the material or mold the materail to not dig into your ankle. Often you just need an extra 1/16th of an inch of compression to give relief.

Better bet is to take the boots to a good fitter if the place you purchased them from doesn't have a good fitter and have them evaluate your feet and the fit. A good fitter will have all the special tools to "punch out" a spot or adjust the liners some to get you the relief you are looking for.
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Give us more info about the numbness.

Can you have someone "poke with a small pin" the bottom and top of your feet and "map" out where the most numbness is? is it the middle toes, whole foot, arch forward, inside toes, outside toes, more top than bottom, etc.

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on my left foot, from the inside arch up to the toes is numb only on the inside, (big toe and the first two small toes next to the big toe are numb) the rest of the foot is fine, so if you look down at your foot and break it up into four equal rectangles it's the top right section that is numb.
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if your ankle bone is sore, you need to get your ankle bone aligned = buy a custom insole.

there are many issues related to a numb foot - find a super boot fitter, get an insole before doing massive adjustments to the shell or liner to accommadate your ankle bone, and then work out what's still going on with the numbness. my guess is that blood circulation is getting cutoff to that part of your foot due to improper weight distribution on your foot.

again, insole, insole, insole.
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Thanks for the information, I'll proablaby get some custom insoles made and do what dchan said by shaping that section so it doesn't hit my ankle so much. Has anyone else had this happen to them, it's a day later and my foot still feels like it's asleep it doesn't hurt or anything, maybe a little better than yesterday but it's starting to freak me out, will it just go away or should i go see a doctor about this?
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Another thought....sounds like you are on the right track to finding the cause. You are pinching a nerve somewhere along it's path to your toes and many times it originates under the ankle bone or fanned across the instep. If your liner padding is too stiff or tight in this area (usually alot of foam around ankle and achilles area) you can simply take a razor knife and make an incision where the pressure is greatest. then take some needle noze pliers and do a foamectomy in the area. Don't worry about everything falling apart, it won't. take a little at a time....always easier to take more later than to put it back.

This reminds me of my first pair of foam boots and my first endeavor into custom boot fitting. I bought a pair of Garmont foam injected boots back in the seventies unfortunately they had been foamed to my friends foot not mine. I got out my knife and went to work eventually getting them very comfortable. The moral of the story....Don't be afraid to mess up your boot just dig in and use good common sense.
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Thanks for all the help, yeah I know right where the nerve is, my foot is still not 100% but better, I can rub with slight pressure under my ankle bone and feel a tingling sensation where the numbness is, this happens to be where the foam in my liner sticks way out and is apparently jabbing me, I'll go to town with a heat gun and some vice grips and the razor. thanks again
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Originally Posted by Mcr5h
from the inside arch up to the toes is numb only on the inside, (big toe and the first two small toes next to the big toe are numb) the rest of the foot is fine, so if you look down at your foot and break it up into four equal rectangles it's the top right section that is numb.
That would be the medial plantar nerve and deep peroneal nerve. Both run down the front of the ankle slightly to the inside. Compression of the ankle across the instep at the right (or wrong place depending on how you think of it) would cause this symptom. Being that you found the tender spot where the tingling starts I suspect you found the spot.

Go slow. Remember that there is some tenderness and slight damage there to your ankle now. If you make it feel real good now, you may be going too far. You need to give your ankle and foot a little time to heal too.

If you have access to some lipstick, you might put a dab on your ankle right where the tender spot is, then put your foot in the liner (does not need to be in the boot) and press it onto that spot. It will give you a mark so you can remove material exactly where you need to. Best best is to work from the outside of the liner and leave the inner part of the liner intact. You are less likely to end up with a wrinkle on the inside. A wrinkle inside will be just like having a wrinkle in your sock and could be just as painful.
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Insoles first, then minor liner corrections, not the other way around!

be careful adjusting a boot prior to an insole installation - the insole will change where your foot is in the liner and any work you do to the liner before might be unhelpful or make the fit worse after the insole is in!

sore ankle bones, like i said, are a result of misalignment. fix the misalignment first, then adjust the liner.
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UB makes a good point. stabilize the foot first. Then adjust liners.
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Do you guys have any sugestions on which insole might be good for this type of problem?
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I had a similar problem with only my left arch after 4 hours in my new Technica Fires - right foot was fine.

I went to a good bootfitter, Corty at Mammoth Footloose, who said my arch had fallen since my 10 yr old cork footbeds were formed and instead of skiing on the balls of my foot, I was weighted more on the arch. The old boots were packed out enough that it didn't matter, I guess.

A new set of footbeds and I was able to ski all day the next 2 days with no problems.
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Good boot fitter

I suggest Sure Foot stores for foot beds, customer liners, etc. Plus they have stores in every major resort, and their work is guaranteed for as long as you own the boot. You can go in as many times as needed for adjustments,etc. I too had boot problems related to "funny feet", for years Corty at Footloose in Mammoth Lakes did his best, but I'm a true fan of Sure Foot now. They use different materials and really spend as much time as needed to make you happy.
Good Luck!
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