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Bindings for Atomics?

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Bought a used pair of Atomic BetaRide 10.20s on Ebay just a minute ago. For $41, I couldn't pass them up since I've skied these in the past and quite liked them. Anyway, I need to get bindings. What should I be looking for?

I'm about 5'11", 190 lbs, and ski agressively (if that matters -- not sure if these require some sort of proprietary binding, etc...)

For reference, here's a link to the skis:

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You'll need Atomic bindings. 412 Race will work fine for you.
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I think those will have to be mounted with Atomic bindings, you might also want to look at the Xentric 4-12 as well, its a little higher up than the race binding (if you want a little more height off the ski to get the skis over on the edges).
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not a bad deal for 40 bucks.
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Thanks all.
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