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Sorry for the wrong forum but I need help with this kinda fast -- ski question!

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Anyone knows anything about this ski (ATOMIC E:3.ti)?
Any ideas as to performance and price? Has anyone skied them?

Sorry eveyone, but I'm eyeing an EBay deal here and I'd like to find out a little more on this ski. I tried the web but with not much help.


PS: I'm shopping around for a beginner's ski (my wife's)
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Never heard of it. Could it be a European or Japanese model? Or maybe a low end model from a few years back? Sorry.
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So I thought... Funny thing is that I cannot find anything on it at all! Thanks!
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Euclide, I saw someone outgrow a pair of e:5s in a day of skiing (and lessons). If you calculate shipping and mounting/binding adjustment cost, a day of rentals is cheaper.

There is an object lesson to be learned from the tale of Oregon's Lake Hosmer: Bottom feeding can ruin things for everyone involved.
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From what I know, the E3 is for beginners and after a few days of skiing, you WILL outgrow it. It is made for beginners to get the hang of things and learn to carve. I too have seen someone get bored of if after one day of skiing (in addition to after one day of lessons). I would say that if your wife is only going to ski a few days a year, then maybe this ski is for her to learn and take it easy. However, expect her to outgrow it by the end of the season.
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1) you want her to have fun- these will be un-fun after she progresses, but she won't understand that and become somewhat frustrated w/o knowing there is an equipement issue. And if she has any New England blood in her she will not want to immediately buy another pair-

2) no matter how loving and understanding she is, beware of giving her gear that she can perceive as "less" than your own- take this as marital advice-

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Firs off, you guys gave me a lot to think about with your posts.

My wife is true beginner, someone who only skied twice in her life and the furthest we got was wedging along a few yards on a (to me at least) flatter green before panicking that she’d never make it alive off that slope I also didn’t like the rentals we got these two times we tried learning. Buying new gear has been a real challenge because: a. I don’t know what to get, b. I don’t think that “outgrowing gear” or “getting bored” will ever apply to her and c. she’ll never feel this sport to a point that she’ll ever care what she’ll ski on. It’s difficult to understand this especially when most of us are hard-core skiers where every aspect on equipment, etiquette, etc counts.

On the other hand, I love skiing… She thinks I’m a totally hooked ski nut and exhibiting obsessive tendency over it; which she’s probably right but I’m very happy this way Skiing is obviously not something we have in common but I guess because I like it so much, she is trying to also become a part of it. She’s really willing to learn and so we’re taking a trip to SLC early this coming January where my main goal is to teach her how to at least parallel ski on a green slope. I want to take her to Alta and have her take lessons everyday we’re there. I’d also like for her to have her own gear. I don’t know but I can never get a good rental each time we try.

She is also not by any means athletic in the sense that she’s never been into any sports; she’s always been the do-gooder type, always with her nose into books and stuff. She’s in a superb shape but I attribute that to good genes and picky eating

I guess what I’m looking for is a ski, which will make learning extremely easy. Something forgiving, somehow fun I guess. I don’t think she’ll hit any black diamonds anytime soon or ever for that matter. If she gets as good as skiing the blues, I’ll be the happiest man alive. My dream is to be able to ski with her side by side. I hate to wanna go skiing and not being able to spend time with her. You know what I mean… I can only be on a green that long… and of course I feel guilty when I have to ski alone.
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In that case she will probably like the e3. Have you looked into the Atomic ETL (easy to learn) skis. It is also easy and can be fun (from what I have heard and seen). She is similar to a friend of mine. I too was thinking about getting the ETL for her, if not the e3 or e5.
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I asked a the local ski shop for you. The e series (E3, E5, E7) are the "no frills" skis atomic makes to be sold at consumer stores like Sport Authority, Dicks, etc... Not necessarily bad, but they are meant to be a price point product. The higher the number, the more rigid/stiff the ski.

Why doesn't she lease for the season untilk she is more comfortable on skis andthen by a low-intermediate type ski? If she truly does not like it, your only out the cost of the seasonal rental. Around me, to rent used ski's boots, poles, and bindings for the season is $150.00 and $200.00 if all is new. I think it may be the way to go, just my .02

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I usually find that renting skis for the season is a pretty bad deal. Usually, you can get skis/boots/poles of rental quality for the price of a season on ebay. Then, you can sell em back once she outgrows them and maybe not pay a cent.

If you are going for some used skis on ebay, get some with bindings on rental rails so there is no mounting cost.

You might also want to check out www.evogear.com - they are selling a decent shaped ski in new condition for $100 (or at least last time I checked the site).
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Thanks guys for all your input! It helped! Scott, a BIG thank you for going out of your way! You didn’t have to…

I ended up buying a pair of Atomic ETL 138 cm; brand new including shipping for $140.00 I'm happy with this purchase. I wanted to get the 148cm ones but they’re a little too long for her and my whole goal is to try and make her feel comfortable learning how to turn no matter how easy she’ll outgrow this learning ski. Going a little shorter will mean easier maneuvering. She needs that… The ETL’s are supposed to be the most forgiving skin in existence, truly easy to maneuver and turn. I’ve skied Atomic and I like their skis.

I hate to waste time when making the lines to rent equipment, each time we go skiing. We could be skiing or warming up or something… If she outgrows these skis, I’ll be more than happy to upgrade her equipment. If that’s what it takes for her to learn and get into this sport, I think it’s worth every effort. Until then, wish me luck…
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Glad to hear you got what you wanted...now you just need snow. The way this season is starting, you should have bought water skis.

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