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2003/2004 Fischer RX4

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I am considering a pair of 2003/2004 Fischer RX4 in the 160 cm length.

I would consider myseld level 7 skier and am 5' 9 160 lbs.

I spend 80% of my time on East coast groomed trails and am lookinng to venture into the bumps and trees with more confidence.

Any thoughts you have on this model would be appreciatred.
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It won't be enough ski for you. Go with the RX 6 if you like the Fischer line.
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Agreed-the RX4 is a low-intermediate ski. Level 7's should consider the RX6-great ski!

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Thanks for the responses. I was thinking the RX4 was not quite enough ski for me and you comments have backed up that thought. I appreciate the feedback.
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