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Leg/Boot Adjustment

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My boyfriend broke his hip very badly a few years ago while skiing. As a result of the operations, his one leg is 2 inches shorter than the other. He wants to ski again, but is unsure how to go about it. Can he still ski? What is the best way to compensate for this difference? Special boots? Bindings? Any guidance would be appreciated -- especially any recommendations in and around NYC.
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The easiest solution would be to put a lifter on one binding and none on the other. The only downside is that he would always have to use that particular ski on that particular leg, but as long as he's good with tuning (or having the skis tuned) that's not such a problem.

A slightly more complicated solution would be to build up the sole of the appropriate boot. This involves having someone who is very experienced in re-working soles as the boot needs to still meet DIN specifications after the work is done (so the binding still works correctly). Probably the only person in the east that I would trust to do this kind of modification is PJ at Racestocksports.com (he's located in Waterbury, Vermont, just north of Sugarbush and south of Stowe). He mods quite a few boots for racers in this manner.

For shops in NYC, try Pedigree. The guys I know from there are usually up for a challenge. See if Jeff is available (manager).
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Once upon a time there was a ski racer named Frank Worndl.
He had one leg an inch shorter than the other.
Which didnĀ“t prevent him from becoming World Slalom Champion 1987 and almost the Olympic Champion 1988 (second after Tomba).
Tecnically, it should be enough to compensate just for the half of the leg length difference.
The binding lifter would be very simple, the special boot sole would be a good thing when he is in his ski boots but not skiing.
I agree a really good bootfitter should do the latter.
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Long term I would go for the surgery where they rebreak the leg and put it in a brace that you turn the screws on every night. Short of that (NPI) I guess the binding lifter is the easiest solution.
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