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What wax do you use?

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I do not race, and have been using swix universal cold and warm formulas. I have been relatively happy with this but was wondering what wax everyone here uses, and is it worth going to a more expensive wax.
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Im using the CH7 wax.
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I used to use CH7 as all around and CH8 for hotwaxing.

I recently picked up some Toko warm wax for hotscraping and Dominator Base Renew and Zoom for my waxes.

I haven't skied on them yet but others use Dominator and like them.
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Swix LF6, LF7 and Toko high fluoro yellow.
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I'm just a rec skier and I like to use Toko System 3 wax. Most days I use the red. If its colder I will use a mix of red and blue.
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I have used Dominator Zoom wax for all conditions and all temperatures on all our skis for several years and have never been disappointed. Between my wife and I, we have a lot of skis (alpine, tele, nordic, rondanee), and it is enough hassle turning them all without having to use psychic powers to predict what the conditions will be when it comes time to use them. Unless it is extremely cold or warm the Zoom seems to work great, and if it's warm you can just rill the bases a little more without changing the wax.
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