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Elan Fusion M12 2004

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Anyone have experience on these? Thanks.
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See http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=12105 for my impressions of the M12 and that one together with http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=20651 for my impressions of the S12. I hope you find them useful.
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I had an opportunity to demo the M12's last year. I'm a high-intermediate skier, 145 lbs. and 5' 11". The conditions were generally chopped-up groomers, in Ontario.

Although the demo was only for an hour or so, I found that I liked the ski more the faster I went. At slow speeds I found it a little sluggish, but as I picked-up the pace I found the ski very responsive, fun and stable. It seemed to like being on edge ... when I tried to push them around at slow speeds they seemed to push back a bit.

I'm probably not experienced enough to give a very technical or broadly applicable review, but of the three or four pairs of skis that I was able to demo that day the M12 was probably my favorite. A good ski, I think.

Good luck!
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I have a pair of last years M12 fusions, the ones with the intergrated binding, they are the 168cm I'm 6' 205lbs. I have skied in everthing with them, they do like hard pack and arcing, get them on edge and let them rip, I bought them for the wider amount under foot 70-72 or so, for better floatation in powder and they really float well even for my size. I like quick short turns mostly, bumps, steeps and trees but they will arc out long GS to super G length turns on low blue trails and hold edge fine. The one thing I'm not so happy is the bases, Elan base material seems soft, by this I mean when I take them off by stepping on back of binding with base of other ski there are little marks from the binding piece in the base, also can't seem to keep the wax on them especially near edges under foot. But overall I like them.
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Nice ski. I have found that they are definitely a high-speed cruiser, comfortable in any snow conditions up to 1 foot of fresh (not so great in bumps though). As stable as a race ski, but not as lively-bigger sweet spot, not as much energy out of the turn. Just a fun ski to ski fast, GS sweepers on, great in the crud at speed. I skied them in 176, and I am 5 foot 9, 155lbs.
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