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New skis for Old guy....

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OK...I'm 45 years old. 5'7" tall. 162 pounds. Live in MN and only ski on man made snow. Have not had real snow for the last 7 years or so!!! I,ve skied for at least 40 years now...Give or take a year. I,ve just rented stuff the last 10 years because I didn't go that often. The last two years my family and I have been going every Sat. And of last year I,ve been going on Fri. nights by my self (Demoing) or with friends who ski(intermediates). I have Demoed every ski they have(High end) and love the Volkl P50's BUT...I can't see spending that much for skis that would be used for snow plowing around behind my wife and daugther. The rentail skis are Rossignol Cut 10's or something like that and seem to work OK at low speeds and any kind of turns. As speeds go up they loss it...Big time !!!
I was thinking something in the $400 range like.... Rossignol T-Power Axium Super Twin Deck or Volkl Energy 320 .
The ski shop at the hill(Bumps really [img]tongue.gif[/img] ) don't demo mid range skis.
Need more info ?
Thoughts on other brands ?
Thanks ....
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Your price range is more than adequate to get an excellent pair of skis and bindings - as long as you don't mind skiing on last year's skis. Just as an example, Cupolo Sports, a seller well liked on this website, sells through eBay and is extremely reliable.

Here is an item worth looking at:
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3633873579&category=26 349

Brand new Dynastar Ski Cross 9 (170cm) with Look P10 bindings, current bid $279.

or the model from the year before (170cm) with P12 bindings:
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3633873528&category=26 349

or you could call them up - Jay is the person you'll hear mentioned on this site - talk with him and see what he can fix you up with:

Cupolo Sports
5510 Ferry St.
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Every brand produces some excellent models for ice for various types of skiing styles (e.g. cross skis, shorty slaloms and carving skis).

There was a thread under 'Skiing General' called 'Buying skis online' that you might want to look at:

Happy shopping!
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Whuduyuh mean, "old"?! Gimme a break!
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Most of us here know 'old' is a state of mind. He undoubtedly thinks he is old; therefore he is. ....If his 47 years made him old; some of us here would be fast approaching ancient !


Get in touch with a member here known as Inspector Gadget. He can probably get you real close to your favored set-up pricewise. He mentioned a price not too far off your target for the 5 stars in another thread.

Good luck ol' man!

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Where in minnesota do you live? anyway, umm I'd go with a Rossi GS ski. I think that you would really like them up here in the land of no snow. can't give any reasons why, just a hunch.

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Thanks for your relpy BearBarry.
Will look into the "Buy Now" thing on E-bay.
Should have started my post with "New ski's for Mature guy"
would have been a lot less flaming.... [img]smile.gif[/img] !!
Don't now what to tell you about the "Old" slip.
I don't feel old...But I do have limits.
My risk taking days are over...I have to go to work on Monday morning...I told the kid next door and some of his Snowboarding buddys how to do a "Helicopter" (360 spin off a bump. Not sure what they call them now days)BUT...I would not show them ( Not sure if I still could do it...And don't want to find out ).
I would love to try Snowboarding BUT I know 3 people who have broke there wrists with in the first half hour of boarding. YEP they were "Mature Guys".
Still might try it...It look like fun.
PLEASE no flaming for talking about Snowboarding on a ski forum...I'm sorry.... It won't happen again.... [img]smile.gif[/img] .
Funkybob... Check out my profile...We got to be close to each other... We'll get together when there's some ICE on the bumps... [img]smile.gif[/img] .
I'm going back to the thread in "Sking General" and read some more of the flaming you guy did to that poor young pup of 40 year old in "My first post on this site...How yall doing".
In fact I might even give him some $#@*^ [img]smile.gif[/img] ....
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I sent a private message with an offer for an 03/04 Fischer ski!
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