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ESA December Newsletter

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In case you didn't receive a copy in your mailbox, here's the December ESA Newsletter:
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I'm all embarrassed.
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I hope you don't feel embarrassed for saying something worth repeating. Our reward for going to the effort of organizing instructional events is the kind words of people who attended. We don't want to hype it, but we do want to communicate the benefits, and as our good friend SCSA once raged, the only people who can communicate its benefits are past participants from their first hand experience.
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not because you used it, but really because I didn't create it... I just cited to another's statement.

call me Joe Biden.
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Fair enough. It was a damn good citation, Gonz. Thanks for pointing it out.

And thanks to ssh for writing it in the first place. And to jstraw for the exciting art. EpicSki people are flat out awesome.
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I'm more than a little honored to have penned the lead quote!
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Oh geez, I was quoted twice...just now realizing that what gonzo quoted from the Academy site, I wrote!
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