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Any Wolf Creek,co Experiences Out Thur?

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Looking To Head Ther In Jan Or Feb. Wanted To Know Anyones Opinion On The Terrain, Vibe Etc. Many Thanks
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Wolf Creek

Great place to ski in Colorado. They get more snow than any other area in the state, last year when I was there in January the base was around 120 inches. Not a huge glitzy area like alot of the larger resorts in CO. No lodging, bar scene, clubs or anything like that. Just a small base area with a nice deck and a bar that closes when everything else does, around 4:30. The skiing is excellent, while the mountain is not huge it has a lot of character and a great selection of terrain from twisty blues to hike-to double blacks. If you like a challenge I recommend hiking up the boot pack from the Alberta lift, go across the bridge and have a look out across the San Juans, its an amazing vantage point. Then you can hike out on the ridge as far as you like. The terrain varies from mandatory air to steep, tight trees. Another area for steeps is the waterfall area which has nice steep, short pitches that will get the heart pumping. As for the vibe of the place I would classify it as "crunchy." Its pretty much all CO and NM locals, no ego, no attitude, everyone is there to enjoy skiing and nature and fresh pow. If down home ski areas with no attitude and great skiing sounds good to you then you will love the place.
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I have been skiing Wolf Creek several times a year for the last 20 years. I agree with Powderpig's assessment, with one qualification. It is a very small mountain as far as sustained steep terrain. They only have 1,600 vertical, which is half of Telluride, Crested Butte or Taos, which are all in the same general vicinity. If you are use to big resorts, Wolf Creek will seem pretty dinky. It has a very steep ridge on top and then extremely flat skiing the remaining 3/4 of the way to the bottom. In deep snow the Waterfall area is virtualy unridable by snowboarders because of the extended flats.

Unless you are willing to spend a significant amount of time climbing, you will have skied the entire mountain in one day. It has often been described as backcountry lift assisted skiing. There is lots of low angle tree skiing. It certainly has some ripping steeps, but they all end after a few turns.

It averages more snow than any place in the State and is famous for its early season powder. I've skied there many a Halloween. If it dumps you should be on fat skis or tele's for getting across the flats (I prefer fat teles). We often take our skins and go out to Horseshoe Bowl where you can ski to a cat track that will take you back to a lift. Check their web site for "Locals Appreciation Days" when tickets are $22. No ID required, the deal is for anybody.

It is a fun area run by great people and gets a holiday destination crowd of intermediates (mostly from Texas), but don't expect much. It's the kind of place you go to on a powder day or if you are diving by, but not a destination for an extended trip. Great backcounty skiing all around the area. Across the highway you can climb 700 vert., ski 1,800 down to the road, and hitch hike back to your car. No lift ticket needed.
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