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Fatties - Soft / firm

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Hey big mtn. experts - how 'bout taking a shot at roughly categorizing the flex of this year and last year's fatties (ie, say > 79 mm waist).

"1" ( = softest of the fatties) to
"5" ( = most firm of the fatties)

If you only have ridden / fondled 2 or 3 of them, just put down numbers for those you know. If we get enough people responding, we might be able to put the whole list together.

Here's the start of a list - feel free to add to it:

Atomic 10.ex
Atomic Powder Ride
Blizzard Titan
Dyna Big
Fischer Big Stix 106
Fischer Big Stix 84
Head Monster Cross
k2 AK Launcher
k2 AK Enemy
Nordica w105
Nordica w80
Bandit xxx
Solomon Pocket Rocket
Solomon Super Mtn.
Volant M. Huckster
Volant Gravity Chubb
Volkl Explosiv
Volkl V-Pro

PS - As you might guess, I'm one of the guys who has never forgiven the ski mags and mfgrs for not reporting flex indices in their reviews.

Tom / PM

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PhysicsMan:Think about a pair of Volant Gravity Chubbs[ actually the same ski as last year, only a new label, everything is the same except the swing weight which has been reduced by shortening the tip, and thus the ski by 2 cm.]

Mount with a pair of Marker SC's or the Tyrolia binding that also has choice of stiffness settings.

I think this will give you a wide board with versitility. I usually ski mine [I have Markers] on #2 until I hit gunk, slush, heavy powder,and other similiar spring conditions, then it is the #1 setting. For hard packed, icy conditions it is the #3 setting.

For light and dry powder #2 seems fine unless of course it is " botomless." I haven't figured out which setting I like best for that condition, since I haven't skied it yet on my present pair of Chubbs. I would imagine #1 or #2.
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3 Atomic 10.ex
4 Dyna Big
3 k2 AK Launcher
4 Bandit xxx
3 Salomon Super Mtn.
2 Salomon AK Rocket
4.5 Volant M. Huckster
4.5 Volkl G41
5 Stockli Asteroid
6+ Most of the Igneous I've tried

Is marker making a SC binding this season?
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Wink: OK - fess up - so just how did you figure out that I had the "itchies" again? (FYI - This time it's to get a pair that are narrower (maybe 80-85 mm), stiffer and a bit more shapely than my old reliable Explosiv's)?

Grizz: Thanks loads for the data - Thats great - you covered virtually every ski I mentioned. BTW, any thoughts on the stiffness of the Chubb and the new Blizzard Titan (on the same stiffness scale)?

Tom / PM
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Hey Grizz - Thanks for your thoughts.

> Take the G41 and 10ex for example. If I was
> buying a ski on stiffness alone I'd choose
> the G41 between the two, but the 10ex has
> an explosive amount of rebound while the
> G41 is more damp. So for overall feel of
> the ski I would probably buy the 10ex
> between the two.

What's the story on the 10ex? Does Atomic vary its stiffness with length, or have they softened it recently? I've seen quite a few people state that it is quite stiff. I felt one in a store last year, and also thought it was pretty stiff.

> Where do you ride and how do you ski? Will
> this be your go to ski or is it rounding
> out a quiver?

I live in the East, have been skiing for 30 or so years, & get out to western areas several times per season. My first scheduled trip this season will be to Whistler in mid-Dec. I find my old Volkl Explosiv (120-94-114) to be too soft for skiing on a mountain that big. It definitely has a high speed limit (starts to feel "floaty" on high speed schusses) and isn't the greatest for windslab, hardpack, etc.

BTW, this ski would definitely be "rounding out a quiver" (the size of which shall remain secret - especially to my wife - grin).

Tom / PM
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Sorry, how could I forget the chubb, 2 maybe 2.5 If you know how to carve a traditonal ski don't buy the Chubb get the McH!!!!

I wish I could give you some info on any of the Blizzards (I'd like to ski them and the Fischers) but haven't had the chance.

I reread my post and had a thought. While stiffness is an important attribute of a ski naturally other factors come into play.

Take the G41 and 10ex for example. If I was buying a ski on stiffness alone I'd choose the G41 between the two, but the 10ex has an explosive amount of rebound while the G41 is more damp. So for overall feel of the ski I would probably buy the 10ex between the two.

Where do you ride and how do you ski? Will this be your go to ski or is it rounding out a quiver?
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Hey PhysicsMan! I live just up the road from you. Listen to Grizz, he knows what he's talking about. The 10.EX has a lot of torsional rigidity, but is fairly easy flexing. If I got out west as much as you do, I'd own a pair (I pro rep for Atomic at my local hill here in PA). The killer deal with the EX is that it's a fantastic off piste ski that can still carve on the groomed. Last year I skied the 10.20 almost exclusively. This season it will be the 11.20. These skis treat me well everwhere, including my annual sabbatical to UT. But if I wanted a ski that was the king of freeride, it would be the EX. But then I'm biased...<FONT size="1">

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I don't know much about the specifics of the 10EX. BetaRacer or Girthman could probably answer those questions for you. As far as it's stiffness I think it's just realative to the other skis you've been on, see above. The store stiffness test is a funny thing. Even though I know it doesn't mean much, I can't resist doing it

Like girthman I'm also biased so take the rest of this with that understanding. If you only had two skis, say a race ski for hardpack and then wanted a fat for everything else, I think the 10ex would be a great choice. Soft groomers to thigh deep freshies, and even not bad in the bumps for a fat.

From what you wrote, this is a quiver ski for you and your Explosives are too soft for the way you like to big mountain ride in variable conditions. It sounds like you might be looking for a more specialized board than the 10EX. I was looking for the same thing and I found it, the Stockli Asteroid.

Any kind of off-piste snow condition and these things are at home. Windslab, avy deb, bomb tailings, mung, snowboarder pack, bottomless, slush, no problem. To me the Asteroid feels like skiing a great GS race stick on a groomer even though you're blasting through some of the nastiest guanch of the season, amazing stability. I haven't found this ski's speed limit yet and figure 11s have been done in the testing .

Ice/hard pack and this ski is more than I want to tangle with, besides that's what the race sticks are for.

As a referance point, I'm 6'2" 225 and ski the 201s. If you want to try a pair on your next trip out West I might be able to set it up. Asteroidsurfer@yahoo.com Good luck in your ski search.

Grizz/Asteroidsurfer<FONT size="1">

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Girthman, Grizz/Asteroidsurfer -

Hey - thanks for the recommendations. The more I hear, the more I realize that there's absolutely no way I will be able to decide unless I demo.

Fortunately, since I've already got a fattie that's not too bad, I can be pretty careful in picking a replacement for it that is just right. The problem is that even tho I get out west a few times a season, the probability of me being able to demo a bunch fatties during a big dump (or right after one in the crud) is pretty small - arghhhh.

I had been toying with the idea of going down in waist size to 80-85 mm, but since my only real gripe with the Explosiv is its stiffness, maybe I should stay at roughly the same waist dimension, but simply trade up to something stiffer like the Asteroid. I take it that the Asteroid hasn't given you the floaty / "air hockey puck" feeling when straightlining a groomer like I mentioned in a previous post.

Another question - would you say the stiffness of the Asteroid (say, just by hand flexing) is similar to the early (silver / black / yellow) Stormriders?

Grizz/Asteroidsurfer, I may take you up on your offer. Your profile just sez PNW. That's a big area - can you be a bit more specific?

BTW - what's with the two names? Two different aliases for one person? Two different but related people? Very mysterious!

Tom / PM
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No mystery intended. Just wanted you to realize it was the same person. I use two names because I try and keep everything dealing with demos going to the Asteroidsurfer address. They might get lost in my other e-mail.

IMO, the orignal Stormrider would rate a 6 in stiffness compared to the Fat skis.
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