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Ski advice for Low Intermediate

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I have skied a total of 10 days and want to get my own skis to progress on. I skied groomed blue runs towards the end fairly comfortably, linking better turns, feeling the edges, getting the wicked sensation of carving and becoming more confident.

I have read lots of reviews but found talking to my friends here better as they have skied for many years about what to look for. So I wanted to get any advice from you guys as your ski market is massive compared to ours.

Our (Southern) season stock normally arrives at the end of your (Northern) season. I know its early still, but does anyone have or heard of skis that have made a name for themselves for low inters or were considered a good improving ski.

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my first ski was a salomon x-scream 700 which was a super light, skinny, easygoing ski
I would recommend going on ebay and getting a cheaper ski--cause likely youll progress and within a year or two, will want a more advanced model
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yeah im thinking of a ski that will help my carve better, be light and reasonably priced. At our resorts your choice of skis to demo is limited for lower inter so any skis mentioned will help me when our season comes around next year.
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I don't have a lot of experience with different skis ... but I've skied my teenage son's Head C130's and was pretty impressed. It struck me as a very good ski for the money, and should last you a year or two of progress.

You may want to check out C130's from a year or two ago, or it's replacement the C140. Carbon fibres for torsional rigidity, integrated flexing binding system ... fairly high-end stuff for a low-cost ski, IMO.
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The Atomic c:9 is a good carving ski that is easy to turn and progress on. There are lots of them from the past few years floating around on ebay.
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I've also tried the C9 and would agree. Easy to ski, able to take you pretty far, and widely available. Good advice.
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Yep, C9 is really good. I am using a 2003-2004 pair of C9 now and it is awesome. It will let me do almost anything. You will improve your carving skills really fast with this one. Ebay does have a bunch of them now. I am complimenting it with a new pair of Atomic SL 9.
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I was in your boots (so to speak) last month. I am at the same level and experience as you. My short list of skis were the Atomic C9 (too expensive), Head c140, Fischer Rx6, and Rossi TDI 300 (also too expensive).

I bought last years Fischer Rx6's with railflex bindings (tyrolia S10's). I've only used them one times so far and I was very pleased. I demo's Atomic c8's and Salomon treetracers last season. I cannot honestly tell the difference, so I bought the best ski's I could get at the price I wanted to spend.

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K2 Omni, 5.5
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