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“Big Guy” review of the Volkl 724 Pro

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Height 6’2” (188cm)
Weight 210 lbs (95 kg) … and growing (Hey, it’s winter)
Ski length 177 cm

I ended up buying the 177cm after being “sold” on the versatility of that length versus the 184 cm. After skiing it in everything from Powder, to deep crud, to hard pack I’ve got some thoughts someone may find useful – particularly “big guys”.

First, the 724 Pro is an awesome all-around ski. It’s on my top 5 list of all time. It was excellent everywhere – bumps, powder, trees, groomers, etc … I could probably even get by with them in a GS.

After being on it enough to push it through its paces I did find that at super-G speeds the 177 cm can get a little squirrelly. I found they’ll keep carving a bit beyond GS speeds, but come undone when the hammer really goes down.

Also, in really thick crud (2-3') I did auger in head first after a few serious tip diving issues. I was with 2 friends that were also on the 177’s, but they didn’t seem to have any tip diving maladies … both are shorter, one weighs 190 lbs the other 165.

I attribute the tip diving to my size, mostly height – too much leverage. No doubt the 184 cm would be less squirrelly at mach speeds too. Again, they were great in powder, but in deep thick crud they dove a bit too much.

Like I was told (sold) I think the 177 cm is a better all-around length. If I had to buy just one ski (the horror) for both east and west this would be it. If I skied only out west it would be the 184 cm.

The really good news is that now I have the perfect bi-coastal ski and justification to buy a pair of Explosivs to use in really deep crud and pow.

Honey! Where’s the checkbook?
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Great review. I'm 6'3" 205 and skied on the 177 for two days in light powder, then crud. I found it to be a great ski in both conditions and would buy a pair if I could ski a few more days a year.
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I liked the 724pro in 177cm but ther 184cm was much better for me becasue of this leverage issue you mentioned. I am 6'2" 215 lbs.

Merry Christmahanakwanzaka!!
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I am 6' and 210lbs it sounds like I should get the 184cm Volkl 724 Pros.

Do you think the 184cm will be OK in the bumps?
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I'm 5'10" 165-70lbs -- I'm look at a deal on the 724 Pro in either 170cm or 184cm...which do you think would be more appropriate? I'm a very aggressive skier who prefers long turns.
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177 cm - east

184 cm - west and "really agressive" means racing speeds ... nobody passes you.

That's what I would do.
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200 lbs
Ski length 184
I have been skiing the 724 pro in 184 and find that they are very versatile at this length in all conditions. My experience has shown me that ski shops have a tendency to market "short" skis. Most sales people tend to underestimate the abilities of their customers and think that most people will bve happier on a shorter easier to handle ski.

Before buying the 724 pros I wanted to demo the 184 cm but the shop indicated they did not plan to have any longer than 177s to demo, they did however mount some up after numerous requests but were not going to mount up 191s because they were not even ordering that length for sale in their shop this season.

I know several people in ski sales who try out the new equipment in the off season and from what I have been told, the manufacturers seem to be pushing and demoing the new equipment in shorter lengths. Possibly because it is easier to ski shorter skis for most people? In any event I think that if possible, demo before buying. P.S I got my 724 pros, 184 cm used from someone who was moving up to the 191cm version of the ski.
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