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I Get Wet - Gloves

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OK so my favorite gloves ( hard corps or something like that )
are now years old, seams are still intact, liners can be added
as needed - thick or thin, they are still in good shape - EXCEPT
that they have no water resistance at all. Of course I can't
give them up. Any ideas or knowledge on sprays, treatments,
to fix these gloves would be appreciated. Any experience on
how long it lasts?
Also, any details on where to buy the suggested fix would help.
Thanks to all ....
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IF you get really wet, i know there is a liner out there that i have heard of called seal skins that are supposed to be water proof. they are supposed to be a sepeate glove and i have never seen anyone use them, or heard anyone comment on them. they might be too thick but they are supposed to be water proof.
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There are sprays out there that will add a waterproof coating to whatever you spray it on. I saw it once at this outdoor athletics store. An example is found here (altho is supposed for use on sniper ghillie suits!):

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Nikwax and similar products work fairly well and make the water bead and roll off. However, once the surface becomes wet, it doesn't help, the gloves will get wet. But if you want something that stays breathable, I guess this is the best solution.
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