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Daytrip advice: MRG v. Sugarbush v. Stowe?

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We're scheming a 1 day early midweek getaway next week (which may stretch into 2 if we can find a sweet lodging deal). Could get a a half day in Sunday, and a full day on Monday. We're upper intermediate/advanced skiers and these will be our first turns at any of these places. It'll be a detour as we're on our way back to NYC after dropping in on my brother in Concord, MA, but the timing looks better and better--
1) Appropriate terrain - intermediate narrow trails (an oxymoron?), advanced groomed, beginner bumps
2) natural setting/trees - the beauty of the mountain is why we ski.
3) ski school - definitely looking to start the day with a lesson
4) chow - fresh, local, reasonable
5) bootfitter that's open late. would be nice to tweak my gf's boots, and find some narrow lasted ones for me.

moguls. proportional to the size of the lump in my throat when I see them.

1) What trails at these places at our level should we look to run? How to ski with the sun, if it's out?
2) Any instructors to look out for?
3) If any one has a cheap lodging strategy (like highway motel, etc), please fire away.

Tempted by MRG's day and half lift deal, but have concerns about the cheap lodging, appropriate terrain and what will be left at the tail end of opening weekend.
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Mad River does not groom......

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If moguls put a lump in your throat then MRG is not the place to go.
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MRG also doesn't make much snow, either. I like both Sugarbush and Stowe, but I think for your purposes you'd be better off at Stowe, they would seem to have more of what you're looking for. Lots of long, groomed blue cruisers, one of the better ski schools around, plenty of shops and lodging to choose from. For lodging call 877 GO STOWE. They'll fix you up.
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Mac is right, it is 45 minutes further north, but worth it.
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Thanks for the responses -

But sounds like you guys are trying to save the goods for yourselves -- I said a lump in my throat, not wet my draws

Do MRG instructors nap all day? That was the idea, ski with them, learn how to tackle terrain.
If we were looking for cruisers, I wouldn'tve started this thread. We'd just head to any place not on the list.

At MRG, off the single chair, how does Antelope to Lower Antelope sound? There must be plenty off the Sunnyside chair?
What to look for at Stowe, Sugarbush/Mt. Ellen?
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Upper Antelope is not bumped up and is a neat roller coaster like trail. Lower antelope is a narrow bump run. There are some blues of sunnyside but nothing compared to what is offered at Sugarbush or Stowe. If you want an adventure MRG is the place. But keep in mind that on the weekend lines can be line at mrg because of lack of uphill capacity. If I were u I would do Sugarbush on the sunday and the morning at MRG

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