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First visit to Sugarloaf, need advice

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I'm thinking about making a trip up to Sugarloaf this weekend. I've never been there before. So far I have primarily skied at Sunday River. Depending on conditions I pretty much consider myself an intermediate to advanced intermediate skier. At Sunday River I feel comfortable skiing pretty much all the trails on Locke, Barker, Spruce, Jordan Bowl, etc. Some of my favorite trails are Right Stuff, T2, Monday Mourning, Tempest, Rogue Angel, stuff like that. I will usually take a couple runs down White Heat although it does give me trouble sometimes when it gets all skied off and icy. I like to spend some time in the bumps practicing, but nothing too intense as I am not that proficient at them.

Anyway, can anyone give me some advice about what trails I might want to hit at Sugarloaf? Are their designations of black diamond trails close to the same as Sunday River's in terms of difficulty? Actually any information or tips about skiing at Sugarloaf would be great as like I said it will be my first time there.
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Sugarloaf is just awesome. I'm sure they'll have terrain for your ability. Take a look at this site for a bunch of awesome pics:

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SR is very similar to Sugarloaf in difficulty but Sugarloaf has some pretty good sustained pitches. You should be fine on anything that is groomed.

I would take a warmup run on Tote Road or King's Landing off the Superquad and see how you feel. If those are OK go onto Hayburner if it is groomed.
If you feel comfortable on that head to Narrow Gauge if it is groomed.
When on narrow Gauge be careful not to take a left when it spilts or you will be on a short double black pitch called Cribworks which can get scraped off. Take it if you feel cool with the conditions. I think it's fun.
Also try Competition Hill if it is groomed.
Skidder can get pretty icey for people who aren't great at bumps so you might want to avoid that run. You can try the top of Skidder and if you don't like it bailout to the right to get to Competition Hill.

Off of the Spillway A double chair you can take the cross cut to get back to the trails mentioned above or take the Spillway or Sluice face (I forget so look at a trail map) or the Sluice Chute if it is open. Both of these can be alittle rough for an intermediate depending on the snow conditions.

I would take the Spillway B double to check out those runs from below to see the coverage and conditions. From either lift you can take Sluice which is pretty easy or Spillway which is a little harder. Most runs seem to bump up on the skier's left side so give them a try if the pitch is cool for you.

I did not ski on the East side of the mountain last weekend so I am not sure how it is over there but I would assume if it is ungroomed it will be bumpy.

Gondi Line and White Nitro are probably the steepest runs on the mountain but I don't think either one are open yet.

I think you will really like it if you like SR.
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Have skied the Loaf four days in the last two weeks and the conditions keep getting better and better. Sunday River has a wide variety of terrain that is spread out well to disperse the crowds, but I find it a little too bland for my liking. Most of the trails are fairly similar in length and pitch, and they do way too much grooming. Not that that is a bad thing, but I just find that Sugarloaf has a lot more adventure potential. Longer, steeper, more interesting trails, more ungroomed natural snow trails, an open boundry to boundry policy (you can ski anywhere you want). Spent a good part of last Sunday and Monday skiing the ungroomed natural snow trails, and found the cover to be excellent. The only time I grazed a rock was on Double Biter, but you can find rocks on that trail in the middle of the season, and the run down was well worth it.
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Sugarloaf does have similar pitch on alot of the North facing trails because of the way the mountain is shaped.

I thought Sugarbush has very varied trails and was fun.

What mountains do you like better in New England Mac?
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