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Dynastar Omecarve 9 review

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Ski: Dynastar Omecarve 9

Length: 165 cm

Me: 150 lb, 5’10”, grew up in PNW, now live in Northeast with occasional trips West. In NE ski about 2/3 groomed, 1/3 ungroomed/bumps/rare trees. Would call myself a solid level 7 skier.

Have been skiing a pair of Dynastar ATVs (178cm, 68mm waist, ‘mid-fat’ 4-5 years ago but nowadays that’s skinny, of course). Rented a pair of Rossi T-Power 9S a couple of years ago for a week in the Alps and had a great time on them on fast groomed runs but they were a little unruly in chopped up snow. I’ve been looking for a pair of short slalom skis since.

Picked up a pair of Dynastar Omecarve 9 skis without having demoed them because they were ridiculously cheap on E-bay. Had agonized a little between 158 and 165 cm lengths and finally went for the latter because I thought they’d be a little more versatile. Finally got to ski them on Monday at Mt. Sunapee in NH. Conditions were soft and heavy manmade snow (around 30-35 degrees), groomed in the morning and later in the afternoon chopped up with some snow mounds and areas of scraped off hardpack. No real ice, in the New England sense of the term.

I really enjoyed them. Turn initiation was very easy. Not surprisingly, I had a much easier time getting the skis onto an early edge compared to my ATVs. They were able to ski a surprising variety of turn shapes and speeds. Easy to turn at low speed and able to handle relatively fast (30 mph) medium-to-large radius turns without feeling unstable. They felt at home with varying degrees of steered/rotary input versus edging/pressure. No problem skidding/sliding them if I felt like it.

I did not find the skis fatiguing to ski—did laps all day on the two top-to-bottom runs that they had open. They were surprisingly stable in the chopped up heavy snow that built up later in the day—enough so that I felt comfortable with one-ski drills (turning on both inside and outside edge) in these conditions.

In conclusion I think they would make an excellent northeastern ski for a lighter skier who spends most of the time on marked trails. I suspect they will do well in bumps as they are relatively soft in flex and easily scarved/slipped but did not have chance to test them. They did surprisingly well in heavy chopped up manmade and will probably do fine in several inches of crud. There are obviously much better skis out there for deeper/more variable snow or powder, but I’m happy with them for the terrain and snow that I typically ski. They will replace my ATVs as my everyday ski out here. 158cm would be fun to try but possibly less versatile. I’m not sure what a heavier skier would think of them—would check out the omecarve 10.
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Thanks for the nice writeup -- I'm close to your height and weight so I'm curious -
how'd they feel in short turns? What kind of tune do you have on them? Thanks -
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Excellent review! I bought these skis in November and have taken them out 4 times. I love them. I don't have a breath of skis to compare them to, nor could I say if I found them particularly stable at 30MPH, but I have tried them in crud, heavy manmade snow, and on ice ... and I must say that I felt very confident on them in all conditions. I am very happy with the purchase.

Incidentally, I am 5'10 (and an eighth ) and weigh 175. I ski the 165's. I would not have wanted to go any shorter. Factory tune. I tend to ski with shorter turns (still working on the wide, GS-style carved turns), and they seem perfect for my style (stage?) of skiing.
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Hey Tigerpaw--
Skied on the factory tune. just hotwaxed them a few times and they were good to go.

They did very well with short turns, as I'd expected from a ski with its dimensions.

Rotofury--glad to hear you like them as much as I do!
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I was just gifted with a pair....any suggestions on bindings?
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Hi Detre--

The plate comes predrilled for Look/Rossi bindings. Go with the Look P10/12 (same binding, just different DIN range) as it has the turntable heel instead of the Look Nova binding.
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I'm also 5'10" and have been unfortunately been getting chunkier recently(195). I also got them on ebay in 165 and will let you know how I like them when we finally get some snow.
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OK, took 'em out to Utah this past week. Conditions on Monday and Tuesday were heavy ungroomed powder, Wednesday on was groomed-packed powder and crud/chop. The only thing I didn't ski on was light powder and ice. I found them to be quite good all around. Easy to turn, ploughed through crud well enough with speed. Really flew on the groomers. The wide shovel helped it float, but I found the tail had a tendency to grab in the heavy stuff (and my lackluster technique certainly contributed). A very good ski for the east that you can bring out west.

I also want to give special mention to the look p10 bindings. I had them set for a level 2 and they lived up to their reputation: no pre-release, but the second they needed to come off, they did without a problem.

For $300 with bindings I'm quite happy.
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