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End Of Year Ski Sales?

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Anyone see any good sales on either the Xtra Hots or PRs at any shops?
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Didn't you just get your new Metrons a few weeks ago? Looking for new skis already?

Actually this is the perfect time to be looking for new gear with all the sales at the end of the season. I like to look but unfortunately I have too much gear already (5 pairs) and really need to pare down the quiver a bit. The nice thing about living close to a major ski resort is all the deals you have access to at different times of the year. Never pay retail is my motto
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The Metrons were a replacement but I always like to buy stuff. I think they will have good float since the tips and tails are soft and wide.

I am looking for something with better float for my wife then her R:10s.

I can't find the dimensions of the new Balanze 11 skis though.
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B (balanze) :11 Puls Lady

148 111-65-96 r=11
158 117-65-103 r=11
168 121-65-106 r=12

If better float is the goal, then consider the Metron M10 as a replacement for the R:10.
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Thanks Beta.
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