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Stumbled upon this forum last night. Great looking forum...just wanted to say hello.
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Hi and welcome!
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Welcome, is A-Town Allentown ? or just A town, in Anywhere USA ?
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ZGskier, welcome to EpicSki! I think you'll find a unique environment here where you can learn, help us learn, and get the juices flowing for your next time on the mountain...

Again, welcome... Thanks for jumping right in!
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ZG used to be the ASPEN license plate letters.....maybe that is what 'A-town' means....the mystery continues...
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Shen...great work man, where are you from? yes i am from aspen.

thanks for the welcome everyone.
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she's a real melting pot here, even if too many of them are from out east. East Coast of NZ that is.
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newbie too. Hello to everybody.
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Welcome Planer.  

Check in at the First Chair thread and tell us about yourself. 

Think snow!
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