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3 Days! Headed to BigSky

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I noticed a lot of posts about Big Sky here. I'm headed there on Saturday for a week, leaving Christmas Day. I'm so pumped I've been watching the mountain cam for snow for days now. I was curious if any was there if they could let me know what the skiing is like right now. I'm a lower intermediate so I doesn't really matter to me if the tram is closed, etc. I just want to enjoy the long greens and easy blues. I loved the terrain of Southern Comfort and I was excited to hear about the new high speed quad. Any chance it will be open a couple days before Christmas? I'm hoping. Thanks in advance.

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Hello Skiaxe, here is an honest update on the current conditions at the really Big Sky. The natural snowfall to date has been miniscule. December has seen about 16" so far. Not to worry however, Big Sky has been running their snow making system as much as has been possible, given the unseasonably warm temps. I think you will have plenty of terrain to keep you entertained.
The So-Co lift replacement is lagging a bit and may not be ready while you are here. When complete it will be a great addition to the lift infrastructure at Big Sky.

When you get back home, please post a TR with your impressions, good and not so good.
Have fun, hope for snow, see ya.
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Since you're in the neighborhood you should ski at Bridger Bowl a few times. Bridger has been blessed by this year's standards in the Northern Rockies. It has the best early season coverage I've seen in the 4+ years I've been in Montana.
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