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Proud to Teach

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Just a quick one for all you instructors out there. How did you feel when you were given your first ski school uniform after all the years you had spend skiing and training, working towards qualifying as an instructor one day? Proud, confident, weren't particularly bothered? I'm sure this question may take some of you back a few years and rekindle a few early ski school memories!

Many thanks!
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I thought .... shite, I better learn to yodel real fast
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I got my ski school jacket a couple weeks ago. After leaving a successful career in manufacturing this year, the jacket represented a milestone in my new life. Like some of you kids out there, I can be anything I want (technically, all of us can, its just harder when you get stuck in the career and money rut). For now, I am going to try ski instructor because it combines two of my passions, teaching and skiing. Getting the jacket was symbolic of the freedom I have regained to choose my own path. I feel like a kid again.
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The only thing the uniform jacket meant to me was that the training was over and I was allowed to start teaching. I'd been skiing for 27 years before I started teaching, but did not spend a lot of time "preparing" to teach. I was already confident I could do the job well, but naive with respect to how long it would really take after getting the jacket before I could really do it well. My cert pins on the uniform give me more pride than the uniform.
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Ditto Rusty: I'm starting my sixteenth consecutive season this winter and my cert pins represent the triumphs and tribulations of many years of training year round. I am very proud to be a certified member of PSIA. In my early years my goal was to become certified. That then turned into making Dev. Team and then Examiner. I did each in the Adaptive arena for six seasons and then had to retire, due to family commitments.

I loved every minute of it. But now my granddaughter comes first and I'm now a kid again when I'm with her. She's now four and this season will become an independent skier. She loves it and so do I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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If you have ever seen our old coats you will know why I felt like an Avis bus driver
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A parka means you're visible. Like The Rusty, I put a lot more stock in my Pin. I'm especially pleased PSIA sent me a "30" Pin a couple years ago.
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In my first year, first year instructors got what was left as it was the last year on that model jacket (we switch every 3-4 years). Mine was two sizes too small. If I held my arms up, the sleeves came halfway to my elbow. It sucked. As a vet for the past several years, I've always had a jacket that fits. I like it a lot. I do feel proud to wear a mountain jacket.

I do know that my mountain was thinking about going to brand "A" garments but decided to stick with brand "K" garments. I really like brand "A" garments, particularly as they are not sold retail in the US so you don't see them a lot. Brand "A" fabrics are really neat too. I do wish that had gone with brand "A". After three years, the mountain will sell us our garments cheap, like $20-30. I didn't even bother to buy my last brand "K" garment at that price but definitely would have if it was brand "A".

--Skier "K" from mountain "W".
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