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Canadian Boot Fitter

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Hi I’m wondering if some Bears can help me on few boot questions.

I’m looking to replace my ancient Technicas with new ones. The only new Technicas I have tried so far are the Diablo Race Pro, too stiff and not enough volume for spending every day in. I will try the Diablo Fires and was hoping somebody could recommend a retail outlet in the Banff/Calgary region. I’m an instructor in Australia and CSCF/CSIA member but not working up in Canada this season. Is it possible to get a pro deal on this model and if so what is the process (PM me if needed).

Most importantly, I’m looking for a GOOD boot fitter. My previous boots were planed 2.5/3 degrees as I recall, and I seemed to need that amount of cant. Unfortunately the boot fitter where I worked couldn’t get any suitable boots before the end of our season but thought it may be possible to throw out my previous footbeds and try to correct from the footbed and/or shim the baseboard. I’m not sure how much volume that takes up but I apparently have a very high instep. Somebody else also suggested that too much shimming inside the boot skews the foot too much inside the shell, changing the geometry of the whole boot to something other than designed. Any comments on this? It seems like planing boots has fallen out of vogue, but sometimes wonder if I’m told that because the equipment to do it is expensive

Thanks for the help.
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I'd say look no further than our own L7. He's in Banff, but for the life of me I can't remember what shop he's at.

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Thanks for that Treycal but currently I'm not at a shop so it's not your memory. Keep thinking I'll alter that but keep veering away from it too.

886... I'm not sure when you're up here so not clear on best assistance. As for pro deal your best bet is to go to the CSIA website and get all the info you can there. Generally the deals are done early season but you should be able to get some leeway. Also generally the prodeals are intended for local instructors working in the region who can promote the shop. That will be entirely to the given retailer.

As for Tecnica they may be available at Abominable, Mountain Hard ware and maybe Monod's. They are all in Banff and Monod's would be my first choice there to purchase the boot.

As for bootfitters I will not tell you where to avoid but will tell you where it is worth going to. I recommend you not stray from these suggestions. Brian at GS shop is a very good and very experienced bootfitter. He does not have sole planing equipment. If you can catch Dave (mtnlion on this board) at Ultimate over Xmas then that could work. He is only there a limited amount though, maybe soon and then Xmas. Do not stray. Dave's forte isn't really alignment issues but he can certainly do the work and won't take you anywhere wrong.

I'm not a big fan of sole planing not that I think it should never be done just that I think it is done too much. Think of your logic, maybe they shy away because the equipment is expensive. The flip side is once that equipment is bought maybe they tend to want to use it too much.

The planing may be fine BUT ONLY if first the foot is properly aligned and the cuff is properly aligned.

At any rate you can PM me if you like and I can offer more help and I would come down to a shop to do an assesment of your needs as well if you like.

In Calgary you might try Fresh for bootfitting but I'm not sure who has technicas.

Originally Posted by Treycal
I'd say look no further than our own L7. He's in Banff, but for the life of me I can't remember what shop he's at.

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In Calgary, Ski West and Mountain Bike City both sell Technica.

Bootfitting at Fresh is excellet, but they do not carry Technica.
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Thanks for the suggestions gents. I'll be up there mid January for a month.

L7 hear you re the planing. I guess I'm a bit biased towards it because I have tried it and it worked for me. Same for the Techinicas. My old ones are now similar to the Rival series I think they're called. Now fitted with Intuition liners but feel they are holding me back a bit, especially when I push them hard. Besides, after 8-10 years that plastic is going to give way some time! But that's a good run for a pair of boots and the reason I'd consider Technica Fires before anything else (even though I understand they've changed the last).

If anyone else comes to mind in that area please post. I MAY even be coming through Vancouver so if there is a guru there it could be worth spending a day.

Thanks again
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There are a number of excellent boot fitters in Vancouver. If you want sole planing equipment you should phone ahead to see that they have it (I am pretty sure that SnowCovers does). Here are three of the best shops for boot fitting. The first two carry Technica.
SnowCovers, Vancouver - Anybody
North Shore Ski, North Vancouver - Daryl
Destination Ski, North Vancouver - Mel or Paul
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Thanks L7

I'm at Ultimate monday, tues, thus and fri, both the week before and the week after Xmass.


I'll help you out if you want too

call and make an appoinment
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the boot shop number is 762 8700, sorry mntlion had to do it
thanks for the sticker.
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waxman ya thanks....

I was just happy to have a place to work with all this summers goings on.

glad you got the sticker.
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