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Line Darkside skis

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Has anyone skied these? Specifically the Titanium model?
Just wondering what people thought of these as one of the guys in my local shop has them and likes them, but no one else seems to know anything about them except that they are very light and that there have been no complaints or returns.

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I know nothing about them, but you can find them new for $200 at evogear.com
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Not too popular in Japan at all...Ski Press's homepage is the only place I can find them reviewed. The Darksides and Titanium Darksides interested me because of the supposed 2002 season debut of the Line's new binding (four pre-drilled holes in all Line Skis) which could be switched between skis.

However, with the delayed distribution (still not available?) of the binding, I went with Tyrolia's railflex system (attached with one screw) which if you have the plate installed, you can easily switch one binding among several skis in your quiver.
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